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Phone Calls/Texting on Jobs?

Carlos Gonzales

New member
How many of you have seen an increase in your employees/workers being more and more distracted from the work at hand because of a cell phone call and/or they are receiving text messages from one of their friends? Is this becoming a problem for anyone one?

Ken Fenner

It is my peeve. I got a little childish one day and lost my temper. I took the phone (after three warnings that were bordering on pleading) and threw the phone across a yard. I used to allow it on the way to a jobsite and that is now also done.

Florin Nutu

New member
Or what you can do when you see em texting on the job, just turn the hose on them and make sure to aim straight at their phone.:got-hooligan:


New member
Im not really having a hard time with the phone issue, My guys are ALWAYS LATE I hire new guys, and then THEY ARE LATE!! arghhhh

If tomorrow, my latest guy is late, Im going to lose it

Jim Cooney

New member
Phones stay in their vehicles. Family members have my mobile number, in case of emergencies. I give my employees breaks and they have time then to catch up on their phone calls/text messages.

Florin Nutu

New member
Ok its 9:30 he was supposed to be here at 9:00, He is now GONE!!
That sucks.

Employees has been the hardest thing for me to deal with at my first year of business. Marketing, sales, bookkeeping, getting jobs, all have been easy. Finding good, reliable employees that I can pass the wand to seems impossible.


New member
This is the truth...
12 years gas station/repair shop owner
1 1/2 years landscape owner
1 month pressure wash owner added to landscape LOL

anyway always been the same crap
People want a job to make money, no one wants to work