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Guy Blackmon

New member
Yes.......Labor, materials, overhead, etc + profit margin = Price

There is absolutely "NO" Pricing Guideline other than the one above......

Charlie Gipson

New member
Ive wondered how out of price I am from others. In quotes where I know the customer is price shopping, I rarely get these jobs. But where I know the customer values my service, we get the opportunity to shine every time.

Any suggestions on how to verify or test that your prices are where they should be.

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Jillian Shelton

Contributing Member
Anywhere from $100-400/hr. Depends on the job.
I suggest you do this. Call a couple Service companies around your town. Such as plumbing service, handy man etc. and see what they offer. We just called a local plumbing comany who charges $110/hr. Now ask yourself do you want to make as much, less, or more than the local plumber?

Jillian Shelton

Contributing Member
Obviously crunching the numbers and getting an actual number on your expenses is how you want to actually price however my above comment is to just put it in perspective for you.
Here are some numbers for you. I only do commercial so I can't help you on residential. We run 2 pressure washers (8 gpm & 10 gpm). That allows us to run 2 30" surface cleaners. We charge between .05 - .08 cents per sf for flat work based on the size. Building go for anywhere from .07 - .18 cents per sf depending on the material. We have a very good soft wash system with a proportioner which allows us to apply any percentage of bleach we want to. Hope this helps