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Profits & Problem Solving the EASY way with GutterBrush: NO TOOLS, FASTENERS OR SKILL

Alex OHanley

New member
Introducing GutterBrush: Fast, Easy problem-solving PROFITS;

My name is Alex O'Hanley, a new UAMCC associate member, and I would like to introduce a fast easy way to consistently earn profits and keep your customer's gutters from clogging . GutterBrush, a very simple gutter guard, is a simple U.V. protected brush with a Galvanized steel core that you simply lay in the gutter, filling the gutter from "end to end" to keep the gutters flowing. The brush simply slides in under the gutter hangers but the bristles spring back up into place creating a raised profile standing above the edges of the gutter so that when debris drops on the bristles, it is raised up higher than the edges of the gutter so that the wind can purge it clean....it is a great way to earn profits while solving customer's clogged gutter problems. The brush itself acts as a "flow channel" stopping debris from clogging the gutter and allowing water to pass through the bristles and exit down the downspout. If you already clean gutters, then you already have all of the skill needed to install this incredibly simple gutter guard. For contractors, it is very profitable due to the speed of installation since there are no tools, no fasteners and no skills required. It is so easy, any employee can perform the entire installation quickly by simply sliding it into place and filling the gutter from "end to end". The ease of installation is also the key to the customer's low price-point, satisfaction and your consistent profits. It is also easy to quote making it a predictable, profitable and winning product for your business; and employee satisfaction increases because employees love it because they are more productive! There are many other complicated gutter guards, screens, covers, and helmets on the market and in high debris environments they all have problematic collateral issues; none are as simple, fast or easy to install and maintain as GutterBrush. The customer affordability makes GutterBrush the best value and the best "bang for the buck". Click here to see home improvement experts and what they have to say.

UAMCC Members get GutterBrush benefits such as a special 30% discount, free samples and brochures, a free display with your first order and a free listing on our "find an installer" web page. We perform national advertising so when our customers are searching for an installer near-by, they would input their zip code and see your listing on our page and call or email you directly. Call or email me to discuss how you can begin to solve customer's gutter problems and earn money the easy way with GutterBrush. You can get up and running quickly, learning everything from how to measure gutters, to strategic pricing, properly setting the customer's expectations, and quick quoting for profits. UAMCC member contractors can visit this contractor web page and fill out the form to get free samples and learn more or better yet, just contact me. Visit our website at www.gutterbrush.com to learn more about this obvious business opportunity. Let us help you make money the easy way.


Alex O'HanleyBusiness Development Manager
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