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Public Apology

Ryan Smith

New member
In an effort for transparency and reconciliation, I have drafted the following.

  1. First, I essentially played Ding Dong Ditch by flinging a flaming bag of dog Poo at the UAMCC’s door, rang the doorbell and ran away. It was not fair to the membership, to all the guys who messaged me asking me where I went and what was going on, or the BoD, for me to post the letter regarding the status of the UAMCC, and then essentially disappear.
  2. Second, I acted against bylaws by including people who I thought were on the membership committee with me, who had not yet been approved. Essentially, since Jamie is no longer with the org, I was sole member of the committee, and as such did not have the power to call a meeting with people not on the committee, nor include their names on the letter. I unknowingly overstepped, and for that I apologize.
  3. Third, I did not follow the evidence through, nor did I investigate it thoroughly enough. As a former security coordinator who headed up investigations at a local university, I know better. Was there an issue? Yes there was. And despite my apologies, the fact remains that there was a tax issue, a serious one that has since been resolved. However, I should have done a more thorough investigation.
  4. Fourth, there are haters out there. People who hate this org, who hate certain people here, who hate the BoD. I bet some of you even hate me. People want to see this org crash and burn. I am not one of them. I do not know if I was speaking with haters, or if the folks who gave me the evidence were genuinely trying to help this org. I am not going to go there. Whether I was "railroaded" or not, I am the one who posted the letter. If this was an attempt to see the org crash, I apologize to you for that as well. I simply wanted to help make this org great.

With that said, UAMCC president, Kristy White, and I have spoken on the phone and we have come to a mutual agreement to have my resignation rescinded. I will be staying on as the UAMCC Membership Committee Chair for the time being.

My reasons for staying:

  1. Despite what it may seem like over the past few days, this org means a lot to me, and I want to see it succeed. There are issues within this organization, clearly. That cannot be denied. But they cannot be fixed if we all leave. I’ll stick around to try and help make this org great again.
  2. Because I am “new”, I have no biases, or favorites, regarding either the BoD, the AD, or anyone else involved, or formerly involved, in the leadership of the UAMCC. That hopefully makes me a neutral person, one well suited for this position, and approachable by both the membership and the BoD.
  3. The membership has complained that there is not enough transparency in the org. I believe I have shown that I am transparent. I am here for the contractor members and will do whatever I can to help you. You are the organization.
  4. I care about people. That’s why I accepted the appointment in the first place. I hated posting that letter, because it hurt people. But I also care about the membership, hence the reason I did post the letter. Whether it was done correctly or not, it was done out of pure motives.
  5. I have a passion to pay it forward. I have been helped in my business growth and I want to help others, especially people new to this industry. Hopefully this position will allow me do that.

Yes I am an idealist. Perhaps I am bit foolish, but that can’t be helped. We need idealists as well. If you would like to serve on the membership committee with me, please get in touch and I’ll speak with the BoD.

Oh and I also apologize to my wife…I am so busy already and she thought I had resigned from another committee that takes time away from her and the kids! Sorry!

I have spoken to many folks about this, and most of you have supported this decision. Others think I should just walk away. But here it is. For better or worse. Thank you for reading.