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Question regarding transport

Thomas McMillan

Contributing Member
I found a chemical supplier near my home that has a great price on SH. I can get a 55 gal drum of 12.5% for $94 BUT they are requiring my driver (me) to be hazmat certified. Ok from my understanding the DOT limits transport to 1,000lbs which is roughly 100-125 gallons.

Is the chem supplier right in saying I need to be hazmat certified in order to take possession and transport a 55 gal drum or is that erroneous information? What would stop me from buying 55 one gallon jugs from my local pool store?

Another supplier has SH for $3.66 a gallon and they didn't say anything about needing a hazmat but I didn't think to ask either, maybe it was assumed by them that I had one already.

Thanks in advance