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Resignation from BOD - William Davis

William Davis

New member
Please accept my Resignation from BOD (Accepted yesterday by Jamie Schmidt - Thank you sir)
Please do not contact me about this...
I admittedly made a big mistake by inadvertently adding a non-member to the BOD Secret group and my resignation just made sense since I was going to resign in a few days anyhow (just trying to think of the correct words).... I would never ever do such a thing intentionally, but mistakes happen thus you pay the piper... pretty simple.
As I have always done while serving... I will stand behind EACH and EVERYONE of you Contractors whether on the BOD or not... With knowledge gained I feel I can serve you whether on or off the BOD... Knowledge is power and I thank you all for allowing me to serve you.
No drama please life is too short for nonsense...

<posted here to make official>