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Roof Cleaning Set-Up

Adam Austin

Contributing Member
For roof cleaning we use 12v pumps. I like the power and reliability of an air setup, but 12v systems offer the ability to do the job in a much more compact package. If space is a concern, 12v pumps will be the way to go. If you have lots of room, an air pump and compressor will last a lot longer. That's the only reason I haven't switched to air yet. The 12v gets the job done without taking up too much space on my rig.

Chet Hingle

New member
All I know is 12v. It doesn't put out the volume of water and distance as an air or an udor but for what I do (mostly resi), the 12v is fine. I reach the peeks of two stories and most high points of roofs. I'm able to be more effective in hitting my target so I don't flood delicate areas i.e. vegetation or structures with chemicals. My 12v made me lots of money in 2016.