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Roof Cleaning - Support Documentation!

Dave DEramo

Contributing Member
Next time someone tries to discredit the Roof Cleaning industry, the service, or our methods of practice...

These are some supporting documents we have found to stop the
false claims of "voiding your roofs warranty" or that "DAMAGES will be caused"
These documents reveal the truth behind Professional Roof Cleaning and its support from the manufactures them selves, among other organizations!

See below...

- AMRA Recommended Cleaning/Maintenance for Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association)

- GAF Shingle Manufacture Warranty - States cleaning method/included in warranty of shingle

- UAMCC - Roof Cleaning Article http://www.uamcc.org/forum/content.php/134-Newsletter-UAMCC-org-Issue-2

- Boral Roof Tile Manufacture - Tile Roof Warranty with recommended cleaning method

- Carlisle Syntec Roof Tile Manufacture - Tile Roof warranty with recommended cleaning method

- Ecostar Roof Tile Manufacture - Tile Roof warranty with recommended cleaning method