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Rooftec Tip: Keeping Your Hands Warm for Cheap!

Ryan Cash

UAMCC Associate Member
Let's talk Gloves! Over the years i've tried all types of combinations of gloves/glove liners, etc. but really think i've got the best cheap solution to stay warm and dry.

Here's what I prefer:

1st: buy a pair of those .99 cent cheap one-size fits all cotton gloves. These are the ones you buy virtually anywhere. Put them on

2nd: Nitrile disposable gloves. Any thickness really. Just a cheap box of disposables. Their job is to keep your cotton gloves dry, nothing more. Put these on next

3rd: Nitrile dipped work gloves. You can get a pair of these anywhere from $3-$10 from any box store. The purpose of these is to protect the disposables and keep them from tearing. You probably want to go one size up since you'll be wearing these over the cotton gloves and disposables. Put these on as the final layer.

And there you have it. Cheap gloves that give you just enough insulation to keep you warm and dry while also maintaining good finger dexterity!

(Bonus tip: toss the work gloves up on your dash and blast the defroster in between jobs to dry them out.)

Not Just A Roof Pump!


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