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sh on bare wood

Jeremy Pate

New member
got a job coming up on tuesday and part of it is staining and sealing a wood patio cover... looks like the same wood you'd build a deck with.
It's about 6 months old and hasnt been stain and sealed yet and before I do that, I'm gonna wash it because it has a small layer of dirt and mold.
Is it ok to use 10% sh on this?

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Just check your bbs out and signed up Steve. Looks like a great educational site. Looking forward to learning

Bill Booz

UAMCC Board of Directors
You can use sh, but keep it weak. There are many scenarios in wood restoration and sh is not always the answer. If you make it to strong you may damage more good wood than you want to. A non-chlorine product that is carbonate based is a good way to get a feel for lightly contaminated bare wood.