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SH soap all around

Bob Piorkowski

New member
I am gunna ask this and hope i dont open a can of worms. What do you guys recomend for sh soap? I have used gain, dont like. It smells great but leaves a film on windows. I have used elemonator, seems ok but i cant smell it at all. Also it turns my mix brown if it sits a couple days. I know i shouldnt do that but there was maby a gallon left. I also used citrus foam for bleach which worked well but shipping is as much as product. I have tried another soap that a vender wont disclose who makes it, and it works well but has no scent. I have some customers who get worried if they can smell sh. I know they need to get over it but it makes it hard to sell the job. I want something that has good rinse, helps the scent, holds on the house, and doesnt cost so much to ship. Anyone have the ultimate product? Lol
I use bleach as a selling point and in 4 years don't think I have ever lost a job because of bleach. Every housewife uses bleach in their house so they know it cleans good. I always tell people that if they don't hire me to make sure whoever they hire, make sure they use bleach or the algae will be back is 6 months! As far as soap goes, I use Roof Snot (888-243-6506).

Bob Piorkowski

New member
I hear ya! What i hear time and time again is that its gunna hurt my flowers! I preach the same old same old, its not gunna hurt your plants. We make sure that everything is watered down good and that the mixture isnt enough to hurt your flowers. Lolyhen the customer goes directly to their plant when i am done and dont even look at their house. Lol. Others dont care, but there are some. I will give the roof snot a try. Thank you!

Chris Kruppa

New member
Use a professional grade soap made fir cleaning contractors. There are several that I really like. Sap-It, Fresh Wash, and Snotmenade are some of my favorites.

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Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Best stuff there is, in my humble opinion. https://www.dougruckerstore.com/products/dougie-fresh-surfactant-1-gallon/

Does not have a cover scent. In my experience there is not a cover scent that last's until the end of the job. Cover scents smell great when coming out of the wand or gun, but wear off after a few minutes... if you wan the surroundings smelling good after a job, then just downstream your cover scent/soap diluted w water, but no bleach, around the house when you are done.