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Shooting distance

Doug Gore

New member
I'm a soft washer....period. I am however open minded. In other words, I know a pressure washer can clean "softly" if done from a distance.

I would prefer to not use a noisy machine but at the end of the day it's about safety and productivity. For roof cleaning and house washing what do you use to reach the highest/furthest?

If you can elaborate here, or PM me, on the type of pump, hose, tips, poles or whatever you use.
I use the Fat Boy and I also use a booster pump. I don't like the booster pump for roof cleaning simply because it puts out too much sauce....even when tipped down.

We shoot from the ground and ladder....rarely from the roof.

Guy Blackmon

New member
Doug.....The term "Softwashing" has been twisted to mean "Only" using 12v pumps or the like.....nothing could be further from the truth when talking about house washing. They were mainly meant and marketed for roof cleaning.

The video link above shows us washing a house with an 8 gpm 3500 psi pressure washer......but we're only pushing about 300 psi at the gun. Once the water stream leaves the gun and drops velocity we're at about 100 psi. This is achieved by using larger nozzles to lower the PSI, chems are applied by a down stream injector or commonly known as "Downstreaming".

Dedicated pump systems like a roof system have their place in exterior cleaning.....but not very efficient at all for house washing.

There's all kinds of info on this board about downstreaming, search it out, you'll find it.

Good Luck!

Doug Gore

New member
Thanks Guy. I personally prefer to soft wash houses with my booster pump. I use my 12v for the roof and was just looking for input on distance...I guess more so with the 12v.

Doug Gore

New member
Thanks Guy and yes, I bought a shooter tip but honestly it didn't get us any further than a standard zero tip.
I think they are more designed to work with pressure washers.

Josh Davis

New member
Hypro has A soft wash pump capable of 4 gpm at up to 300 psi. You could try that. It's available in a 12 V and 120 V model. You could try that. I don't know anyone who has used one, but I'd be curious how well it works.

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