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shop oil water seperators

Nate Farrier

New member
Hi Guys I am in the process of possibly purchasing a building to move our work space into. If this deal goes through I am going to need an oil water seperator. I don't have code and city restrictions yet but I was hoping I could at least start educating myself on them. Have any of you installed or had them installed in your shop? what brand and features did you look for, and what other usefull things might I want to know. Any thing you got could help.

Clark Hussey

Nate when I was in construction management we used to have them installed. The most typical installation was your sewer line went into a series of 2 septic tanks ( basically a grease trap setup ) and then into the municipal sewer line. I don't recall any other special equipment. It's really going to depend on your local sewer authority as you know.