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Sikkens stripped off this Cedar Monster 2nd house Strip

Rick Honahan

UAMCC Contractor Member
One of the greatest things about this and all the forums is the informtion you can learn from other contractors. I also own a Carpet Cleaning business and have done much the same type of learning from others.
While I was skeptical of taking on this job by myself I felt after the Mahogony strip that went so well and after stripping Sikkens from decks I would listen to what others had to say and just take my time and go for it.
I used F-18 on the Mahogony with Coopertone stain but have found in the past that I had success with stripping Sikkens by using Sherwin Williams Deck Stain & Sealer Remover.
We stripped with that then Neultralized with F-8. I have to say we had more success with this than the decks with Sikkens in the past. NO! furring that was noticable and the customer absolutely loved the job and now wan't us to do his millions of miles of decks. The Pic of the front is just to give an idea of the size and was before we started the job.
I know I have a lot to learn and wan't to take a coarse on wood restoration but just wan't to know at what point is a contractor a "Woodie" and not just a Di@k cleaning wood.lol


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New member
the only suggestion I have is that onece you start a piece of wood (cleaning it) you should try to finnish the entire board or the entire run of boards if there are multiple pieces butt ended together... this obviously is much easier on decks and a little harder on vertical boards such as the house you're working on>

And don't waste any money on a class, you seem to be doing just fine!

Rick Honahan

UAMCC Contractor Member
The funniest part was I was running out of neultralizer. My guys wanted me to write Pro-Jet on the garage since the customer was going to be home later and he is an extremely well to do local guy. This guy is extremely picky and it would have been a great bust, but I just couldn't do it. We just had to finish with f-8 the next day.

Randall Brooks

New member
Agree about doing it all at once. ie board and side of house. Look at the second pic and you can see the difference in color of the right side of the house where you waited to strip that side. Not too bad but you can see it with the trained eye. Looks good overall to me.

Is that rinse water there on the ground or sweat? Can't believe you took that on without knowing / believing you were a pro first. LOL...Pretty balzy dude. Looks good though. Sweet house.