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Sirocco Complete mobile pressure washer and Vacuum System

Shelby Howell

We have changed directions in our company and have a deal for someone. A complete Sirocco mobile pressure washer system ready to start working and making money! Less than 50 hours on all equipment and all engines and pumps have only synthetic lubricants. Not all will be listed due to the large quantity, but much more detail can be had by calling 832 265-9400 and ask for Shelby or lloydshelby@gmail.com. Quality equipment at a great price.

Includes (partial list)

1 - 7 gpm x 3500 psi belt drive pressure washer, 23 hp 2 cyl. Vanguard engine, electric start

1 - 450 cfm Tuthill blower/vacuum w/23 hp electric start 2 cyl. Vanguard engine

1 - OWS-Oil Water Separator system, 40 gal, 20 gpm auto pump out, twin filter bags, oilphylic fiber filter, 4 ea. 100 sq.ft. cleanable 10 micron cartridge filters w/ auto bleed valves, hoses, camlocks, etc.

3 - 15 gal. sand filter/waste tanks, powder coated, 2 with auto pump outs, hoses, camlocks

1 - 30 gal. waste vacuum tank w/ filter and auto pump out, hoses, camlocks

1 - 30" triple nozzle spray arm surface cleaner with sidekick wand, five vac ports and spare parts

1 - 20" double nozzle spray arm surface cleaner with three vac ports

50+ feet 2" blue suction hose

Many extras including additional muffler for blower, hoses sand snakes vibration isolators, manuals, etc.

$13,500.00 firm