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Solid Stain on Deck

Tim Teed

New member
As part of a house cleaning we are cleaning a deck and replacing approx 60' of 5/4 x 6 treated deck boards. It was stained with sherwin williams deckscapes solid water borne stain. Stain is is good condition and only needs to be cleaned - not stripped. What would you recommend to clean with? Just standard mild SH/Greenwash and rinse well? How should I prepare the new deck boards that we are replacing?

George Clarke

UAMCC Board of Directors
It depends on the depth and type of soiling. Most likely you would be fine with a house wash mix. I would replace the board first. Get dry wood. Clean the whole deck including the new wood. Hit the new wood with a brightener. Let all the water dry for 24 hours and color match your sherwin Williams on the new boards.