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Special Offer On Concrete Sealer!


New member
Concrete Sealers & Coatings

V-SEAL / The TARA Group
9042 Cotter Street
Lewis Center OH 43035 Dex Bell
Office 614.754.4777 Mobile 740.383.3308
Toll Free 877-73V-SEAL 877-738-7325 www.vseal.com

I just want to introduce you to our most popular products, V-101 & V-102. These concrete sealers protect walks, drives, stucco, and virtually any cement sub straight. They are easy to apply and help protect concrete for 20 years (or more).

As a professional concrete cleaning company, I encourage you use our products that offer high quality sealing to your customers thru your business. In fact, right now, thru Thursday, August 27th 2009. As a UAMCC Member, we offer you a full 20% off our internet listed retail prices on these products AND split the price of shipping them to your door. This offer can only be honored on purchases of 10 gals. or more, ordered at one time, and you must place your order with me personally to receive these perks. Please mention offer code DEX331.

I invite you to check-out our website and, by all means, call me if you have any questions. We are first and foremost a consulting group offering straight answers to any questions you might have about concrete and its care.

Thanks, Dex

Concrete Sealers - Repair - Specialty Coatings - Consulting

Jeff LeCours

New member
I don't do sealing anymore, but some time ago I used V seal products a couple times and it was easy to use and effective stuff to work with


New member
Thanks guys. I'm really glad you like our products! AND that you are willing to say that to all of our friends. YOU rock!-Dex

Jim Cooney

New member
Does it work well with exposed aggregate ? And will it withstand the heat and UV's here in Arizona ?

If so, what is the spread rate ? I have a job coming up, approximately 50,000 sq ft.