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Special Thanks

Jim Chesmore

New member
Heres the story,

I drove 1.5 hours north to get some tanks from John D. on Friday night. As I was following him to where he has them stored I blew a spark plug in my f-250 (second one in two months :steam:).

John came back, set me up with a mechanic, a motel and drove me back and forth on Friday and Saturday.

John I cant thank you enough for the help :Smiley-2010:

David Vicars

New member
John is great a guy. What he did doesn't surprise me.

That's why when he hit rough patch a while back, I knew he would bounce back.

Good things happen to good people.

Ken Fenner

I second what David said.. Haven't met John face to face yet but the actions that Jim just described tell me all I need to know.