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Storm windows are a real pane

Tony Evans

Board of Director
Here in the Midwest we deal with a huge variety of storm windows. I know in some areas of the country they have a lot of what are called triple track storms (basically the lower window panel, the upper, ad the screen panel all sit in their own channel) and guys are huge advocates of shuffling them to clean, which is basically leaving the panels in place to clean. Here we have very few of those. In fact in the over 10 years I've had this business and the years I had my janitorial company where we did some window cleaning I've only had 2 homes that had triple tracks. Other than that I've seen at least 10 different types of storm windows. One of the weirdest was a house that had newer storms where the frame around the glass of each panel was vinyl not aluminum. Very flimsy and a real nightmare to remove and replace.
Today we cleaned a regular customer's house. A house that had 3 different kinds of storms on it and it made me wonder if anyone else did homes where they had different storms in it instead of being one type for the whole house.
Here's a pic of another weird storm set up

Modified wooden storm (1).jpgModified wooden storm (3).jpgModified wooden storm (4).jpg

The wooden frame held removable storm panels instead of having fixed glass in it like other wooden storms I've done.

Robert Hartfiel

New member
I have come across 1 or 2 triple track windows as well. Like you Tony being in the Midwest, MN. to be exact most homes here have storm windows. They can be a pain in the rear. But, they are usually a money maker. Not very many window cleaners like them.

Tony Evans

Board of Director
Yeah we get calls all the time because they can't find anyone to do their storm windows.

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