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stucco cleaning

Jeremy Pate

New member
So I was cleaning stucco at a house today.
I was downstreaming 10% sodium hypochlorite (liquid shock i found at home depot since none of the pool supply stores around here sell it), at roughly 10:1.
1st off, this is the right stuff, right?
I was mixing that with some dish soap I picked up at the dollar general.
2nd off, there was a spot I wasnt able to get out.
they had a welcome sign hanging there made out of some kinda weird orange rock-like material.
Is there something I could've done?
I sold it to him right so he was ok with it, but I'm kinda dissatisfied myself.
I'm going back out there tomorrow because he decided he wants his driveway cleaned too.
pic attached...


Bill Booz

UAMCC Board of Directors
Yep it's probably a mineral deposit. We try solvent first, won't lighten the stucco. Then we try an acid like f-9, but it may brighten the color ever so slightly. Yes your SH mix was fine.

Dan Dykstra

New member
I agree with the others, try F9 - it works wonders. But my thoughts on "I was downstreaming 10% sodium hypochlorite
I was mixing that with some dish soap I picked up at the dollar general." it is never a good idea to play back yard chemist and just mix things together like that, many dish soaps will say right on the label to not mix with bleech.

Jeremy Pate

New member
Thanks guys.
I'll have to purchase some f9 for future jobs.
And thanks for looking out dan, but I did some research 1st and made sure to get a soap with no warnings.
Its called deluxe dish detergent oxi, oxide cleaning power.
I'm assuming its safe.
I'll upload a pic if necessary.