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Switfmud meeting Tampa on banning PW

Kory Finley

New member
Hey the meeting to fight the banning of pw in tampa area is March 31st @9am 2379 Board st. brooksville Fl

we need as many people there as possible strenght in numbers guys!

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Kory...for those that can't make it tomorrow...get us mailing addresses to the officials so that we can send snail/emails to them.

Water restrictions....correct?


New member
What this industry needs is a good lawyer/lobbyist to bring this stuff into the courts. I am sure inside a court room - it could be shown that these actions are highly illegal, you just can't put a whole industry out of business due to the whims of town hall trying to protect water supply. It would be one thing if the 'Feds' made an executive order - i.e. declaring 'disaster' areas and temporary banning of certain services - but that should be a decision only the feds should have power over, not municipalities