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Thinking of adding window cleaning to my pressure washing business

I have pressure washing business in Houston TX (www,QualityPressureWashingofHouston.com) last year and have successfully added fence staining, hanging Christmas lights and graffiti cleaning. I am now going to add window washing. I have spent several days on this and other blogs and would like to go over what equipment I am considering and get some input from some pros. I have a number of Property Management Companies as customers and they all manage commercial buildings, townhomes and apartments. So far I have not done any work on buildings that are over 3 stories. Based on that I am looking at a Wash it Pro along with a Reach it Mini with extensions to reach 3 stories. From all I can tell, that should enable me to handle the vast majority of residential homes and commercial buildings up to 3 stories. Some questions I have are: On residential homes how big of an issue are screens? From what I read, they mist all be taken off, numbered, cleaned and re-installed. Is this included in the quote or is it an add-on? If so, how much? I would like to stay with the cleaning only the exterior windows. Will I lose business if I don't clean the interior? When pressure washing many times the customer gives us a credit card number in advance or leaves a check somewhere and they aren't there when we do the work. We couldn't do the interior windows if the customer isn't home. I'm sure I will have many more questions as I keep reading but this will get me started. If there is someone in the window cleaning business that would spend some time with me on the phone, that would be great.
Robbie Miller

Tony Evans

Board of Director
I would recommend the Tucker cart and Tucker carbon fiber pole.
Screens can be an issue since there are a variety of ways they are attached. You'll need patience to learn the ropes on them. We charge extra for screen cleaning. Numbering isn't necessary if you use a specific system for gathering them.
If you are doing only exterior windows make sure you can get access inside to remove the screens or have them remove them before you arrive.
You will be leaving money on the table by not cleaning the insides but that will require learning how to clean windows with traditional tools.

Tony Evans
Call or Text 319-325-9475