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This will be a unique prize

Tony Evans

Board of Director
[h=2]3rd WCI contest - super special prize[/h]
For this one two forum members have agreed to put together a unique prize. Paul Shouse with permission from Dave Gutierrez will be making a Bull Ring t shirt for one winner. This shirt will also have the WCI logo on it.
Here's how to enter this contest - Post pics of you with your Bull Ring. It can be the mini, double, single, or holster. If you don't have a Bull Ring (can't imagine why you wouldn't lol) then a post on why you feel the Bull Ring is a product you could use will do. I will take all the pictures and all the best posts on why you would use a Bull Ring and put those names in a hat. Then one name will be drawn as the winner. The timeframe is open right now and I will give a 3 day notice announcing the end of the contest.
The winner will have to send their address and t shirt size to Paul so he can make the shirt. This way it will be the right size for the winner.


Doug Gore

New member
Can you provide a link to the product for those of us who have no idea what you're talking about......:}

Tony Evans

Board of Director
There are several styles of Bull Ring. It was originally designed as a tool for holding your detailing rag on your window cleaning belt. Since then other versions have appeared. One of my favorites is the Bull Ring holste. It will hold a squeegee and a detailing towel.
It's a great product.