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Tips for cleaning & pricing

Eric Holmes

Contributing Member
Hey everyone, I've been called to my first deck cleaning for a customer. I want to be sure it's done up to par. I've only practiced on wood fencing of friends & family. Can anyone give me the best advice if what to expect when delivering my service? The dimensions are 29' L x 14' W x 3' H. About 8 steps attached as well. The deck has paint that is peeling. what is the best way to clean & price this deck? I'm considering using Wood Restore 8

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Guy Blackmon

New member
Eric, there are a few ways of doing this but you need to be clear on what the customer wants.....do they want it "just" cleaned? By that I mean removal of algae, mold & mildew. Do they want it "Stripped"? By that I mean do they want all the old stain removed to bare wood in order to re-stain?