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Ken Fenner


To all Cleaning Contractors:

The Uamcc has been consulting with a major hospital Lab department that has been observing, testing and working with the actual COVID-19 virus. This lab has conducted experiments to determine what actually kills this specific virus.

While there are many substances that can potentially kill the virus, most of which are listed on the CDC website, the UAMCC is concentrating on products and methods commonly used in the Mobile Contract Cleaning Industry.

While the industry uses a variety of soaps that could potentially kill the virus, we asked for methods and products that absolutely kill it, without fail.

The Lab Response was as follows:

1. 100 degrees Celsius or 212 F will kill the virus instantly. Steam, wet or dry, that is applied at those temperatures or higher, will kill it on contact.

2. Alternatively, a solution of at least 10% sodium hypochlorite will kill the virus instantly when mixed at a 10 to 1 ratio with water. Mixing any other soap or chemical with it will vary the results and cannot be recommended with certainty due to the wide variety of soaps and chemicals that could be used. SH and water alone are recommended.

• Less than 10 percent is not always effective and is not guaranteed to kill it according to their experience.

• Mixes higher than 10 percent will kill the virus, but may be regulated and some contractors may not be able to legally use a percentage higher than 10 percent.

Further, It was confirmed that the a mist of the 10 percent SH, lingers in the air and will kill the virus on contact for up to 15 minutes after application.

• They stated that sodium hypochlorite is only safe to the touch, once any item that has been sanitized is COMPLETELY DRY. Once anything that is going to be touched by the public is thoroughly cleaned, then sanitized with SH, there must be enough time to air dry. Once air dried, the SH alone, when not mixed with other surfactants, is harmless.

The proper PPE should be used when applying either of these two methods.

Due to the potential corrosive nature of SH on metal, use industry standard precautions so as not to cause damage.

Additional information that may be helpful for your family and your customers:

The lab stated that it is common practice for them to use a 10 percent solution in a spray bottle to mist the air when anyone enters the lab or on deliveries that are made to the lab. This could be a potential solution for the elderly who are home bound during these times. Using the proper PPE, the Lab Director stated that misting any deliveries before they are brought into the home and leaving the mist to settle for 10-15 minutes would effectively sanitize the exterior of the delivery. They said once packages are brought inside and opened, packaging should be discarded in a plastic garbage bag, and hands should be washed thoroughly before touching the face. Light misting during this process and on the discarded packaging will also kill the virus.

The UAMCC will continue to research this issue and will update as new information comes in.

Tony Shelton
Environmental Consultant/Fmr National Environmental Director