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UAMCC's Mission Statement

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Just want to give everyone a refresher on what the UAMCC Mission Statement is. This is straight from the website www.uamcc.org :

The United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners is a national trade association of the pressure washing industry. The UAMCC's mission is to improve and enhance the pressure washing contractor’s business climate nationwide through promotion and education of the pressure washing industry to the general public act as an advocate for the rights of the pressure washing contractor, and educate the pressure washing contractor with methods to improve their business.

Educating The Public: Through various media of internet promotion, print advertising and email contact the UAMCC will establish presence in the public marketplace. This includes but is not limited to homeowners, property managers, retailers, government offices and small and large businesses. The UAMCC will parlay to the public the importance of hiring qualified contractors. Our website will include tools and articles the general public can use to make educated decisions. With a solid message and unilateral adherence to certain standards; i.e. licensing insurance, OSHA safety protocol, the UAMCC will be able to pre-sell those standards and generate quality leads and RFP's.
Through public campaigns such as Wash With Us™ we will get the pressure washing industry firmly implanted in the minds of the general public as a viable and legitimate industry.

Uniting Contractors Nation Wide
The UAMCC will help individual companies achieve a voice in government as well as with nationwide retailers and corporations. Approaching a store such as Walmart as an individual may prove to be a long and arduous process.. likewise when trying to gain work from national property management companies. As an organization, the UAMCC can approach those companies and get our foot in the door. This can lead to very lucrative commercial contracts that would be exclusive to members. Imagine an organization that would be contacted by FEMA after any type of national disaster.
Many business owners have their hands tied when it comes to regional issues such as drought. With enough members, we will be able to actively participate in assisting local governments in establishing their own guidelines that will not hinder us as company owners. The UAMCC will help you traverse through the environmental laws that impact your business.

Educating the Pressure Washing Business Owner
We understand that every business owner has their own method of performing cleaning. This does not mean certain standards cannot be established. It is our goal to converse with leaders of each pressure washing sector and establish basic guidelines. The transition team has a strong cross section of contractors but we will not limit ourselves to internal discussion. This is a wide open and transparent association. We welcome input from everyone at this stage of development. You can participate in those discussions on our forum.

In addition we will place emphasis on helping you establish your business. Inner industry as well as outside the industry experts will give you guidance in arenas of sales, marketing, administration and business planning.
Networking will be a core function of the UAMCC. Members will have the opportunity to attend round tables, seminars and conventions that will allow you to begin immediately making more money the day after you attend.

Randy Wahl

Contributing Member
Great post! Let's help it grow. Carlos, been a bit busy but will try to call you this Thursday 2/5/2015, or at least leave you a message. It was good to meet you in Orlando and thanks for talking with all of us.