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Unsolicited Bid Help

Okay, so I may have gotten over my head a bit here and I need some advice. Last weekend I went out and measured up some handpicked retail plazas (flatwork) that were close to a few that I currently service. I WANT the plaza's! :got-hooligan:

I figured since I was already servicing some in the area, I could use that as a sales tactic when I contact the various PM's, meaning I would offer them a "discount" price. So here I am with the bids ready to go, but I don't want to make any mistakes before submitting them.

A few questions about unsolicited bidding...at the MB RT I remember Ron saying something about NOT sending in marketing material with the bid. Correct? Should I contact the PM by phone prior to sending it in? Drop by the office unannounced and submit it?

I plan on following up every week or two with some type of marketing material to keep me fresh in their minds...brochures and bagels seem to be a killer combo.

To the people that do unsolicited bids...could you please share some of your strategy? What has worked and what should I avoid? I really want to incorporate this into my overall marketing plan as early as possible. Any input would be appreciated. Looking forward to an AWESOME 2009.

Jonathan Ellis

New member
Be careful offering the "discount pricing" because you work in the area. You can not assume that you are at property "A" on Tuesday so you can do property "C" Tuesday as well and be able to have little to no additional gas to get from "A" to "C" so there is the discount. They may have a specific day they want you there.