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Weird House


New member
I looked at a rough cut pine house last week that has failing CWF on it. They would like CWF again, and to have the old stuff removed. Problem is that I have no idea what the square footage is, because it's one of theose weird shaped houses. at one point the fron roof goes from ground level to like 35 ft.... withe 2 "doghouse" windows across the front... Most of the house will be easy enough to strip, but there are some high spots and weird angles to get at... plus there's no real spot to stand when I do these spots!

and of course I didn't bring the camera because I had the wife's car when I did the estimate.

But the overall dimension is 52x65 giving me about 3380 sq. ft. of house... can anyone help with some sort of price range I should be in??

I may just throw a number based on previous projects I have done like this, but I don't want to miss the boat!!

ShineBrite LLC

Contributing Member
Sounds like almost every place I go.
I gave up figuring sq footage of tetraquadragoosagrams a just started estimating and quoting prices. It works MOST of time!!!:clap: