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Would you use it?

Steven Mendez

New member
It's not that bad when you consider the cost of buying the pieces separately. Likely saves you $15-$20.

Tony Evans
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I guess your right, you would know better than me. That IS something I would buy if the homeowner asked my to do the windows also. In the early 80's there was a condo boom where i lived. they were putting up condos everywhere. 15, 30 60 200 unit projects. My father in law was with me in the car when we drove by a 20 unit project that was winding down and near completion. he told me every sticker had to come off of those windows. I asked him how much per window. I ended up doing 15 thousand of em. 5 bucks a window. doesnt sound like much but it worked for me for a while.

Steven Mendez

New member
Actually that sounds pretty good Steven. That's a lot of windows for anyone.
well maybe not quite 15k but I worked a summer a winter ( i remember my hands freezing ) and another summer doing those things. I was like twenty Years old and that was my first buisness venture. I also ended up cleaning them and getting them ready for move in. I was getting 10 cents a sq, foot for the cleaning and 5 dollars a window. That also would be my first BIG contract ( big in my eyes ) I did a Aplleton Inn hotel. It had 188 windows and 122 bath tubs. Paid me like 3k. Also my first liability policy was issued from that, first time i did taxes as a dba. I went by the name of Clearview cleaning company. I remember buying a box of 100 single edge razors for like 10 bucks. what are they now I wonder? my kit was a sqeegie, razors, paper towels, bucket, tsp and a trash bag.

melvin joe

New member
Yes !! I am using Microfiber cloth and microfiber towels for cleaning purposes. That tightly woven towels pulled dirt away from the surfaces and which do not smear dust around the surfaces. And one important thing is , Microfiber towels never leave lint with surfaces. It cut down the cleaning agent which used to clean the surface too.