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Lonnie Greenwood

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  • i never use it but if you call bob at pressure tek im sure he will be able to help you with that sorry hope things are going good for you
    How are you Lonnie? Have you ever sprayed oxalic acid?
    What do you spray it with? I would like to start spraying all the concrete I do or at least have a upgrade of "concrete brightning". Can you spray it with a sureflow or a Fatboy?
    call bob at pressure tek and see what he can do 216-634-0025 tell him i sent you he is a top knotch guy and good luck with those MDs what size horse power
    i picked up those 12 McDonalds I was telling you about, so I'm about to buy another surface cleaner. I'm using 5.5 gpm 3500 psi machine. do you recommend the 28" big guy? if so where is the best place to get it? watercannon has it for 758.00
    I could give it a shot if you need help. I would need a little bit of coaching though. My programming days were on an old Op Sys called QNX for IVRs. I'm usually a pretty quick study.
    Content would be the foremost, need, Nikki. I can post articles on UAMCC accounts created at article publication sites and put in the necessary coding to help boost the sites ranking. The PWNews also needs a revival. That blog is now a PR3 which means any links coming from it have a good impact on where we rank.
    I appreciate that offer, Nikki. Everything I have done is minor. The rest that needs to be done unfortunatley should have someone with better skills. The site could use some professional looking graphics on the home page. I am putting together a realistic budget for the BOD to look at. the site needs some additional SEO work as well. How are you at cranking out articles?
    Hey Nikki, you have to understand how JOOMLA content management system works. The current site needs about 2500-$3500 in work to bring it to speed.
    Talk to you tomorrow. I just put the post in the vendor area and was waiting for a response. I will get a list of the vendors tomorrow or next day and will get on the phone with em. When is our next committee meeting for the Wash With Us?
    Nikki, I will try to call you tommorrow (Sunday), I just got in from a long day of hunting. We can dicuss the content of the message. Thanks
    Poor little guy. I hope he gets better soon. That happened to Austin one time, but he is so used to being in pain that 2 severe ear infections, strep throat and ruptured eardrum didn't phase him. The only way we found out is he had a little bit of a runny nose and I took him to the doctor and that's when they found out.

    Take care and I hope he's doing better soon.

    I hope we can get together again soon too. You never know, we might head out to Austin sometime to see my brother and sister some time.
    Thanks so much guys! Taylor is actually in an emergency clinic right now. He blew his nose, his ear popped, and he started crying in pain. Poor guy cant catch a break! LOL. Anyhow....it was awesome to meet you two as well. You guys are awesome people. Austin is adorable! I hope we all get to see each other soon!

    Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for your consideration. I was talking with Matt Johnson last night and he will be down in Orlando on Tuesday visiting his sick father. He has offered to pick me up at the airport on Wednesday, so please remove me from your list. Thanks for your kind offer of shuttle service. I'll keep Lonnie's cell number on hand in case Matt does not show up!

    Thanks again,

    Stencil will be shipped tomorrow! We made it out of the flooding alive! lol None of our houses nor our shop was affected by the rain, although a shop 2 buildings down did get flooded with 1.5 feet of water and 3" of mud!
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