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2015 Free Convention Charleston South Carolina Networking / Education / Seminars / Business Building

Tiffany Shaye

How to Register for Classes

Speakers / Presenters at the Convention

Matt Clark

"The 5 Lug Nuts of a High Performance Team" & "Coaching & Leadership Development"

Over the past 25 years I've had the pleasure of coaching, motivating and inspiring athletes, teams and organizations to maximize their performance. I've spent the last 15 years working at NASCAR's highest level as a Pit Crew Coach & Executive Leader. Coaching and leading high performance athlete's and teams gives me a unique perspective on high performance expectations, preparation and execution.

Professional Highlights

  • FOX Sports1 NASCAR Analyst
  • Over 70 NASCAR Series wins
  • 2 Sprint Cup Series Championships
  • 2 Nationwide Series Championships
  • Camping World Truck Championship
  • 2 Daytona 500 wins: #24, #48
  • 3 Brickyard 400 wins: #24, #48, #27
  • NASCAR Pit Crew Challenge Champs
  • 2 Time Mechanix Wear MVP Pit Crew

Doug Rucker " $8000 House Washes "

Doug Rucker is the President of the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners. He is the Owner of Clean and Green Solutions www.cleanandgreensolutions.com, as well as several subsidiaries in the Houston, Texas market. In recent years, Doug has focused his attention on refining his sales techniques, resulting in great growth with his companies. He has incorporated technology into his daily operations, expanded his web presence in the region, and brought old school sales technics into one dynamic sales machine. Though Doug downplays his accomplishments by saying “NEVER BE CLOSING,” his clients are elite consumers with expansive purchase power. Connecting with and serving residences in some of Houston’s finest, upscale neighborhoods, he has established the “$8000 HOUSE WASH.” One of the things he emphasizes in his nationwide pressure cleaning school is: “Never set your sights too low and stop pushing!” While he believes that desperate service contractors can be spotted a mile away, Doug’s companies are in high demand, and his brand is strong and continually growing in the Houston area. Join us to hear him present at the General Session on September 11.

Chris Apple " Selling to Property Managers"

Chris Apple is the owner of Arkansas Pro Wash www.arkansasprowash.com as well as UAMCC Vice President. Chris has successfully developed a sales system to reach property managers in the Little Rock market. Whether it’s commercial, retail, or multi family house cleaning, Chris provides reliable, exceptional service through his unyielding commitment to customers. Accountability, excellence, integrity and teamwork are among the core values of his company. He has used extremely creative techniques such as posting movie ticket giveaways on Facebook and other social media strategies. Chris will be teaching two classes on successful Property Management sales strategies at the UAMCC Free national convention. You will enjoy learning some of the great insights Chris has to share from his wealth of experience and knowledge. Don’t miss Chris Apple!

David Carroll " Embracing Technology to make your Business more Profitable"

David Carroll is an innovator in the service industry in the St. Paul, Minnesota market. He is a real entrepreneur, a true visionary, and the very definition of “young hustler.” Some have referred to his talents as “success in a bottle.” He is the Owner and Operator of Lions Share Maintenance and strives to treat each and every customer like his own family. He won the Angie’s List Super service award for two consecutive years, and has helped many other bidding contractors incorporate technology into their bidding process with “PRO-POSAL.” www.closethejob.com This unique process streamlines bidding proposals, shaves 20-30 minutes off of every bid, and greatly increases follow-up abilities. You can learn more about “PRO-POSAL” on the web at www.closethejob.com. Come to the FREE National Convention and watch him explain and teach you how he makes it happen day in, day out. David will be teaching two classes and on the floor consulting throughout the convention.

Leilani Chostner "Unsolicited Bidding Works"

LeiLani Chostner is the Director of Marketing for UAMCC and has over ten years of industry sales experience with unsolicited bidding. She is responsible for helping promote contractors to their customers through the UAMCC, social media, and SEO. She has oversight of several UAMCC programs and has strengthened this organization in countless ways. While many contractors respond to requests from potential customers for project bids, Leilani has specialized expertise in UNSOLICITED BIDDING. You will not want to miss the great insight that she shares with hundreds of contractors to create business from scratch. Come to the FREE National Convention and watch her explain and teach you the processes of how to successfully sell UNSOLICITED BIDS. LeiLani will be teaching two classes at the Free convention.

Rich Colletti "How to Properly Prep & Seal Pavers and other Hard Surfaces"

Rich Colletti has single-handedly transformed the concrete paver cleaning and sealing industry. Fighting such barriers as weather delays, moisture problems and time challenges, Rich spent years in research testing and developing a unique system that could be utilized immediately upon pressure washing, and that would not be impeded by rain or other forms of moisture. This “ALL IN ONE DAY” process he calls “SEAL-N-LOCK” www.sealnlock.com includes pressure washing the pavers, joint sanding, and two coats of sealer. This process has eliminated any chance of the pavers turning white, is much easier and quicker to perform, and is even better for the health of contractors using this system. He has been teaching this system since 2010 to over 400 contractors now authorized to seal surfaces properly with SEAL-N-LOCK. Don’t miss this successful entrepreneur and inventor teach a revolutionary system at our free National Convention General Session.

Tony Shelton " Solution to Pollution"

Tony Shelton is the founder and owner of Sonitx (www.sonitx.com) as well as a member of the UAMCC Board of Directors. He is a leading expert in the area of environmental concerns and has a unique depth of understanding of such federal laws as the Clean Water Act and is ready to help contractors sort through the complicated issues of local permitting. Tony along with the UAMCC Environmental team are defender’s of contractor’s rights and have traveled the country extensively to ensure contractors are not impeded by local municipalities. If you have ever had any conflict with local authorities over pollution issues, Tony and the UAMCC Environmental Team stand ready to assist you. If you would like a greater understanding of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, you will not want to miss Tony’s seminar. Come to the FREE National Convention and watch him explain and teach you firsthand about environmental concerns in our industry. Tony will be teaching two classes, and he along with the other members of the UAMCC Environmental Team will be available to answer any environmental questions you may have at the Free National Convention.

Jerry McMillen " Wash Water Control Course"

Jerry McMillen is the owner of www.Pressurewasher.net and a manufacturer of Sirocco Reclaim Vacuums. Jerry’s clear understanding of environmental concerns, as well as the necessity of reclaim equipment makes him the perfect teacher in this industry. By completing the Wash Water Control Course you are well on your way to earning your UAMCC Certification. Come to the FREE National Convention and watch him explain and teach you how to properly control your water discharge. Jerry will be teaching two Courses and will be available for consulting throughout the UAMCC Free convention.

Ron Musgraves " Getting on a Commercial Vendor List"

One of the most vital sales strategies for mobile cleaning contractors is getting on a commercial vendor list. Service contractors often wonder why they have no place with larger customers. Inside corporate America systems lay the secrets of becoming a vendor. Without the knowledge of the how, when, and where you will never have a chance with some companies no matter what decision maker you have in front of you. Learn how to get called by the customers instead of you calling them. With over thirty years of experience in the pressure washing industry, Ron has many secrets to his success that he enjoys sharing with others. Come to the FREE National Convention and learn from the best!

Fayth Shelton " Fayth Works"

Fayth Shelton is the owner of FaythWorx (www.faythworx.com), an environmentally friendly alternative for wash water control. Inventor, entrepreneur and visionary, she is saving the environment for future generations. In 2014, at the age of 12, Fayth started “FaythWorx” from a product called Gutter Critter. She acquired the company from Ken Beckstead when it was named Gutter Critters. Fayth took the residential product and turned it into a commercial media life saver for the mobile cleaning industry. An integral part of the Faythworx products is the Smart Sponge. It was used in the Gulf Oil Spill and is the most innovative technology on the market. This product simplifies gravity media capabilities. Her father, Tony Shelton, is also speaking at our FREE national Convention. Watch Fayth show you how to save $1000’s while staying compliant.

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Ron Musgraves

Past President
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Jon Karmazyn " How to Sell the BIG Property Management Accounts "

Jon Karmazyn is the Owner/Operator of Revive Power Washing www.revivecoatingspa.com in Allentown, Pennsylvania. A graduate of Penn State University, Jon began his career in commercial construction. He quickly discovered the need for exterior surfaces to be regularly cleaned and maintained to prevent premature replacement. Thus, Jon launched his new business in the power washing industry. Along with his wife, Michelle, their company has had tremendous success with extraordinary growth, including some major accounts that will blow your mind! As a UAMCC member, Jon has contributed greatly to the success of others and stays on top of the latest trends, technologies and other developments that keep his business on the cutting edge. Join us for the FREE National Convention and consider implementing new strategies in your own business that will help you land some BIG accounts!

Rob Hardesty "The Questions your Afraid to Ask "

Rob Hardesty founded Mid Atlantic Power Washing www.midatlanticpowerwashing.com as a one man operation working from his home in southern Maryland in 2001. They quickly grew out of their home and now operate from their shop in Annapolis, Maryland. Their services include: house cleaning, roof cleaning, fence clean/stain, deck clean/stain, graffiti removal, and waste water recovery. Rob will help answer some of the most challenging questions contractors have, including those we are afraid to even bring up! Come hear Rob at our FREE National Convention and you will learn strategies to grow and increase your own business.

Ramon Burke "Closing Large Government Contracts "

They say necessity is the mother of invention and necessity invented Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning. As a former real estate developer, Ray was wiped out during the 2008 crash. Armed with a few hundred dollars, a pool pump, and a Home Depot pressure washer, Spray Wash was created as a basic way to put food on the table and feed his family. As the company has grown from its very humble beginnings, Spray Wash has become a family affair with the addition of Tonya Burke, Ray’s wife and partner. Now a multi-crew "round the clock" operation, Spray Wash is north Florida's premier exterior cleaning company. Come and learn what Ray has to offer at the Free UAMCC Convention.

Tonya Burke "Getting Business , Keeping Customers"

Tonya Burke owns Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning with her husband/partner Ray. She has been in sales & marketing for over 30 years and joined their business full time in 2011; after realizing the huge demand andprofitability of cleaning for commercial accounts. They have since becomethe premier cleaner in their North Florida region, spanning many different market segments. This class will lead you through the process of how to get and KEEP commercial business; along with some other trade secrets. Come hear Tonya at the Free UAMCC National Convention

Charlie Soden " Modern Wood Restoration"

Over 8 years ago, Charlie Soden started a summer business in wood deck restoration while he was pursuing his college degree at UNC Wilmington. With a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Business Development, APEX DECKSAVERS (www.apexdecksavers.com) is now a full time operation with a great crew producing quality results. While many contractors may shy away from wood cleaning, refinishing, staining and restoration, this could be a great skill you could add to your list of services. Charlie is a highly self-motivated entrepreneur focused on providing extraordinary customer relationship management, solutions based marketing, and industry leading quality in residential deck and fence restoration, cleaning and staining. Even if wood restoration is not a service you provide, you will glean from his highly honed skills in leadership development, employee management, quality control and demonstrating a customer centric business model. Come learn from Charlie Soder at out FREE National Convention and discover the tools you need to succeed in business.

David Phillips " Hard Surface Sealing Technics"

David Phillips founded Southern Stain and Seal in 2007 as a service company specializing in wood restoration and concrete sealing. After realizing the huge demand for these service, he changed the direction of the company in 2011 and began sharing what he had learned. The company’s focus is now on bringing professional contractors the products, training and guidance they need to be successful. To learn more, visit their website at www.SouthernStainandSeal.com Come hear David at the Free National Convention.

Craig Harrison " Rust Removal and Hard Surface Restorations Advanced"

“Mr. F-9 Rust Remover” is how many people think of Craig Harrison. While running his own pressure washing paver restoration business over the last 15 years, Craig decided that current chemicals just didn’t do the job. He became an inventor of his own products to better his own business and now shares them with the world as President of F-9 Restorations www.front9restoration.com. They make, test, distribute and teach professionals the art of Preservation Restoration using the latest developments in the chemical cleaning industry. This is an industry leading cleaning chemical company in the fight against rust, fertilizer stain, irrigation rust stain, and orange acid cleaning. They train and certify professional Front 9 applicators to treat virtually every surface with no damage whatsoever. Come see him teach you his years of experience restoring Hard Surfaces at our FREE National Convention.

Pat Clark " Putting Together the TEAM ( Motivation) " General Session

In 2011, Pat & Shielagh Clark came to this very convention searching for independent finacial freedom, which is what so many are dreaming of these days. They longed to own their own business one day, and to build a future for themselves and their family. Pat knew that by listening to the success of others, and developing mentorship and networking, his dream of owning a successful business would become a reality. From the hard work from his own back, he is now a multiple unit company. Precision Pro Wash specializes in the soft wash process in the Greenville and Charlotte, NC region. He is pressing numbers to ensure all his dreams will come to fruition. Come see Pat explain the path he took and how important getting the right advice made things happen for him today at our Free National Convention. www.precisionprowash.com

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Ron Musgraves

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Larry Hinkley " Everything about Pressure Washer Maintenance"

Larry Hinkley really needs no introduction, the recipient of the most prestigious award in pressure washing "The Dave Olson Award" This was created and award by the Industry for a person recognized for lifetime achievement. The award represents a man who has always helped others succeed in life. "David Olson" just like Larry had achieved this status for helping 1000's over his career in the cleaning industry. His efforts are noticed by many and he continues to help people become better business people in this industry by helping them run there business in the way of maintenance performance. For over 30 years Larry has been a teacher, technician, & father living in the Dallas Ft Worth Area of TEXAS. We are lucky to have a treasure such as him attending the convention. See Larry's Course in the Maintenance Classroom. While at the event if you miss Larry he will have a Spot in the PowerWashStore.com booth during 11th & 12th all Day. Check in Say hello to a real Texas man with all the hospitality of a real gentlemen.

Guy Blackmon" How to Brand your Company"

Guy runs Pressure Kleen LLC Powerwash www.pressurekleen.net out of North Carolina, again another success story in how image wins. He built a company with an image larger than life, now Guy's company with his way of branding is known throughout the Carolinas and beyond. I remember Guy showing up in 2008 in collared shirts when most just wearing T-shirts. I knew then he would be a success, since then his growth keeps coming with his branding only becoming larger. Come hear Guy Blackmon share branding Ideas of old & new on the 11th & 12th in the Buisness Development Room.

Andy Vickers " Live Demonstration on Cleaning Concrete "

Andy Vickers is the founder of Five Start Pressure Washing and Dragon Juice Mfg. Established in 1992, Five Star Pressure Washing service has 23 years experience in the Pressure Washing profession.

This demonstration will be on the 10th after 1pm outside the building near the
stadium. Andy will show you how to prepare an area for cleaning. This is a process for bettering results in your cleaning process. www.mydragonjuice.com

Paul Kassander " Live Demos of any Equipment you want to see"

Paul Kassander & his crew at the www.PowerWashStore.com will demonstrate things such as Pressure Washers, Soft-Washing, Surface Cleaning, Water Purification, quipment functions & simple down streaming technics. They also have some brand new never before seen state of art equipment they will be unveiling. Paul says this will change the Softwash Industry. This will be held on the 10th after 1pm.

Lisa Seitz" Working with your Partner Day in Day OUT" ( keep it Fresh)

Lisa is the Co-Owner of Liberty SoftWash www.LibertySoftWash.com and our newest member of the UAMCC Board of Director's. Lisa with 19 years of industry experience working with her partner/husband Eric is the perfect choice to teach husband and wife teams how to work together proactively and positively. Come hear Lisa's talk on how to grow your business into a success while maintaining civility and success in the home. Lisa will be holding two classes at the UAMCC National Convention.

Carlos Gonzales "It is okay to hit the Pause Button"

Carlos Gonzales is the owner of New Look Power Wash and Enviro Bio Cleaner in Northern California. Carlos created New Look Power Wash in 2001 after a successful career in the private sector as an executive in the direct marketing and dot.com industries. Enviro Bio Cleaner was created in 2012 after he saw an opportunity for a environmentally friendly soap for use in the world wide pressure washing industry.
Carlos' entrepreneurial spirit and strong marketing background was the perfect recipe for creating New Look Power Wash and Enviro Bio Cleaner. He continues to use his expertise to train and advise newcomers as well as the more seasoned contractors in the industry. Carlos is the Founder of the current United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC) and attends conferences throughout the year to support and advise on the challenges to the industry and the progress made within the industry. Come learn from Carlos at the Free UAMCC National Convention
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Paul Schneider"Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning 101"

Paul Schneider entered the power washing and kitchen hood cleaning arena in 1977, in Los Angeles. At that time he worked with one of the industry’s post WWII pioneers, Phil Drake. Paul helped to further develop hood cleaning and stove cleaning procedures, including a system for cleaning oriental restaurant hoods. There he authored a hood cleaning manual for beginners as well as a very successful marketing system. Subsequently he operated a hood cleaning business in Florida and currently is based in Central Illinois. Having trained many employees during his career, he wrote a new manual and began offering hood cleaner training, so as to acquaint start-up operators with proper cleaning methodology. He became a UAMCC member 3 years ago and is currently on the UAMCC board of directors. Paul will be sharing his vast knowledge of hood cleaning at the UAMCC National Convention in Charleston SC.

Aaron Richie "Block Restoration (Cutting Years off the Learning Curve)"

Aaron Ritchie is the owner/operator of Benchmark Pressure Washing www.Benchmarkpressurewashing.com. Aaron was a masonry contractor for years doing commercial jobs and worked for several contractors that he had to clean his own brick. He bought a new pressure washer on a trailer with a tank and a ladder rack and 55 gal of brick cleaner. In 2002 he started cleaning his own brick instead of hiring someone to have it done. In 2008 he started pressure cleaning solely and got out of the masonry business. Come hear Aaron Ritchie teach participants on new masonry cleaning and brick restoration at the Free UAMCC National Convention.

. David D'Eramo"Safety Basics"

David D'Eramo is the owner of CentraFlo Pressure Cleaning, LLC. www.centraflo.com After 13 years in the pressure washing/roof cleaning industry, and 4 years in the fire service, he has learned some excellent techniques when working working with ladders, making ladder work much more safe, time efficient, and energy saving! Come to the Free National Convention in Charleston, and you can attend his "Ladder Tips/Techniques & Fall Victim" class where he will be teaching these skills with hands on training available, as well as what to do if someone falls from a roof or ladder! Come learn how to be safe on ladders from David at the Free UAMCC National Convention.

Andy Dickmann"Exterior Wood Restoration"

Prior to working at www.PowerWashStore.com, Andy did exterior wood restoration for 14yrs, at one of the largest exterior wood restoration companies in the mid-west. The company specialized in decks, playsets, log homes, fences, and cedar roofs basically any exterior wood. Andy was fortunate to work in all aspects, but specialized in the cedar roof restoration. Andy also ran the division for 10yrs doing bids, customer service and expedition of the jobs. Andy had 9 employees that he planned each day/job for. We did more than just cleaning, we did complete restoration to not only make the wood look nice, but also extend the useful life. Come here Andy speak at the Free UAMCC National Convention and learn great practices in restoring wood.

Bob Keenan "The Complex Psychology of Pricing: The Myth of “Fair Value” and How to Take of Advantage of It"

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.” This is the first thing you see on Bob Keenan’s AIKEN SOFT WASH website (www.aikensoftwash.com). Bob has extensive experience developing Windows software in automation and nuclear environments, but never really enjoyed that line of work. He transitioned into renovating and restoring homes as a licensed general contractor in South Carolina, and launched his own business in the soft wash industry in 2009 as a divison of Keenan Contruction. Throughout each of these careers, he has remained committed to working on “WINDOWS!” Bob is excited to present a seminar on at the FREE National Convention, and you will not want to miss this exciting and dynamic presentation.

Lenny Schrecengost"Garage Cleaning"

Lenny is the Owner/Operator of Lenny’s Power Washing and Sealing in Williamsburg, VA www.lennyspowerwashing.com. Lenny’s local intuit review page is filled with nothing but raving reviews like “Such an outstanding job!” and “The service was excellent and provided in a very professional and timely manner.” These reviews are just one hint of the extraordinary work ethic and commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and high quality results that has come to define all of Lenny’s projects. With over thirty five years in the industry, Lenny’s has found great success in carving out a niche of providing cleaning services for parking garages throughout Virginia. Lenny will be sharing from his wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject of at our FREE National Convention. Don’t miss it!

Dave Negri"How to Create a Strategic Alliance" &
"Have other Business Sell your Services"

Dave has had a lifetime of success in various service industries, such as Elite Home Services based in Clearwater, Florida. Beginning in 2001, Dave flipped over 50 houses and most recently has launched the Contractors Secret Weapon. (www.contractorssecretweapon.com) Dave uses podcasts, web based marketing, blogging and social media to assist contractors with their marketing strategies. Given that contractors have too many options to choose from when it comes to advertising their business, Dave helps business owners work through complicated marketing choices but making sure you know the right questions to ask before you decide on advertising. Dave has so much to share from his wealth of experience with trades service contractors, and you will certainly enjoy learning how to be creative and resourceful in your own marketing strategies. Don’t miss Dave’s seminar at our FREE UAACC National Convention.

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Ron Musgraves

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AC Lockyer"Purple Cows, Blue Oceans and E Myths. - Why your Business is Screaming for you to take it to the next level." & "The 200k, 500k and 750k Plateaus. – How to scale your company beyond these difficult ceilings"

AC Lockyer is a 25 year cleaning industry veteran and patriarch of the softwash cleaning industry. In 1991 AC started his first softwash cleaning company Mallard Systems and with a great team surrounding him grew that company to three branches and nearly five million dollars a year in revenues. Later AC owned TerraClean, a commercial only softwashing company, who's customer list included Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, HCA Hospitals and many others. Today AC is the leader of SoftWash Systems a softwash business support company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs grow their softwashing companies through industry leading equipment, chemicals, education and support services. AC is the husband to Karen, father to AJ and Lauren, a devout follower of Christ and investor in the lives of others.

Tom Svrcek"Liabilities and Insurance"

Tom Svrcek is both founder and president of CSC Insurance Options and Joseph D. Walters Insurance.Having an extensive background in the Property and Casualty insurance field Tom left the family insurance business and founded CSC in 1982. His business is located in Pennsylvania just south of Pittsburgh.With an "off the wall" idea that size matters, Tom successfully merged and acquired over 30 agencies in Western Pennsylvania to become one of the largest independently owned insurance agencies in the entire Western Pennsylvania region. Tom utilizes the volume of his policyholders plus the exemplary relationships he has with the top insurance carriers in the nation to develop competitive programs that offer exclusive coverages at reduced premiums. Additionally, Tom has earned the reputation over the years as being an innovator and leader in his marketing style for his business. In his spare time, Tom enjoys breeding, training and racing horses.

Tony Evans "Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone"

Tony, who you may know as Mister Squeegee. Tony has been in the window cleaning industry for over a decade and right from the beginning was grateful to have found industry related forums a huge benefit to his business. He has had the privilege of learning (on the forums, in emails, and in person) from some of the best in the industry. He has learned that there is an overabundance of information out there and not all of it is helpful. That’s why he spends as much time as he can spare helping others avoid the speedbumps that slowed him down.He has found a great deal of satisfaction in passing along what has been given to him and adding what he's gleaned as well. In fact, the help and education he has received from the UAMCC members is a huge part of that. He highly recommends joining the UAMCC and getting involved if you are serious about taking your business to the top level.

Linda Chambers"Chemical Safety" &
"How to Setup OSHA Training"

Linda Chambers has been the Brand and Sales Manager for Soap Warehouse http://www.soapwarehouse.biz for the past 8 years. During her career she has owned her own businesses, managed business for others, has been an OSHA office safety manager for multiple past employers, has been a certified Red Cross First Aid First Responder while working for animal health giant Merial. She was a veterinary medical technician for 17 years, has a sound foundation in chemistry, and along with working with an in office chemist, has information and knowledge to back up the chemical products Soap Warehouse sells to their customers. Since 2007 she has written articles for publications including Cleaner Times and on line publications such as eClean Magazine as well as blogging informational posts on the Soap Warehouse website and has been a speaker at local events as well as in the past for all three industry organization conventions, UAMCC, PWNA and the PWRA. Come hear Linda speak at the Free UAMCC National Convention.

Jon Welker"Holiday Lighting 101"

Jon is the owner/ operator of Agent Clean of Missouri www.agentclean.com. With well over 20 years of experience in the exterior cleaning business, Jon’s extensive knowledge is invaluable to the present and future of Agent Clean. Not only was Jon an early adopter of the revolutionary pressure specific softwashing concept, his expertise in using the time-tested methods of traditional pressure washing, roof cleaning and window washing is unsurpassed. In addition, Jon contributes best practices in more specialized services like holiday lighting, wood restoration and concrete sealing. Beyond the technical side of the business, Jon has a passion for system and logistics development, all of which will play a role in the future development of Agent Clean. Come learn Jon's techniques at the Free UAMCC National Convention.

John Nielson"UAMCC Newsletter "

John started in business in 2010 in Pennsylvania doing Kitchen exhaust cleaning. He then moved with this family to Florida on sept 11 2012, he started to follow the PWI forum and really wanted to join the Uamcc because he realized the importance of belonging to a national organization. He had the privilege of being a winner in a contest and won a UAMCC yearly membership. He has now renewed his membership since then because what the UAMCC has taught him has helped to grow his business and kept the fire under his feet to keep on moving forward. John joined the newsletter committee as an assistant editor and loved it because he could take what he is learning at the traing events and assist his potential customers with the education they need to make informed decisions. Come to the Free UAMCC Convention and learn all about the UAMCC Newsletter.

Michael Kreisle"Internet Marketing for the Layman on a Budget "

Michael is the Owner/Operator of First Choice Powerwashing www.firstchoicepowerwashing.com, he began washing in 2001. He opened a supply store in 2015. He has used the internet as his largest lead source. He has helped the industry through involvement in multiple organizations and his youtube channel. This year come hear Michael teach at the Free UAMCC National Convention he will be teaching internet marketing for the layman, on a budget. Great for beginners and veteran's alike.

Sheila Smeltzer​ & Jack Evans"Window Cleaning Safety "

Ed Marchiselli "Avoiding the Price Trap"

Ed Marchiselli is the founder of AsktheSeal.com. Ed was the #6 sales rep out of 500+ at Lanier Worldwide and has been a sales and marking executive for companies including Microsoft and Parametric Technology Corp. Ed’s Presentation “Avoiding the Price Trap” digs into the psychology of why customers price shop and why sales people cave into their demands. Real world strategies on how to avoid the price trap are discussed. Come see Ed at the Free UAMCC National Convention.
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