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2016 UAMCC Board Of Directors Election

Guy Blackmon

New member

Please read Carefully and Proceed to Ballot in Member Area ONLY CLICK Here

Nominations are Closed

hello members, it's that time of year to appoint a new bod for the uamcc. The bod have asked myself, john orr, charlie soden (all past bod members) to help in the election process and insure a completely transparent election that follows the guidelines of our bylaws.

*the nomination process will begin jan. 15 2016*

to nominate a candidate.......
you must be a contributing member in good standing. You will post your nomination in a thread that will started "by me" on the uamcc forum. If the candidate accepts the nomination he/she must copy & paste the nominating quote with a statement accepting or declining the nomination......please note...all nominations made, accepted or declined must be made on the uamcc forum in the "town hall" thread......not on facebook or any other media site.......uamcc forum only.

*nominations will end on feb. 15 2016

*elections start march 16 2016 and end the same day*

voting for a candidate...... All contributing members will be emailed a link for your voting ballot. There will be 3 ways of voting #1....e-ballot which can quickly be done online....#2....mail in ballot....#3....fax ballot....all ballots must be filled out with members name and member number along with any other information requested.

*seats open for nomination*
.....president, vice president, treasurer, secretary.....and 5 "at large" seats. For a total of 9 seats or directors.

I urge any & all "non-contributing" members that wish to vote and be more involved within the uamcc, to have your membership dues paid by jan. 14th 2016 in order to participate in this years election.

If there are any questions i can help with, please post here or on the uamcc fb page.

Thanks! .....................

Click Here to Proceed to Official Ballot
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Guy Blackmon

New member
This was posted in the Members Only area several days ago. I thought the area I posted in was a "Public" area, it was not and my mistake. In the interest of transparency we want to post updates and answer questions in this thread.

Contributing Members please go to this link to Nominate a Candidate, You Must Be Logged In To The Forum To Access This Link...........http://www.uamcc.org/forum/showthread.php/9413-2016-UAMCC-Board-Of-Directors-Election

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Guy Blackmon

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Nominations are really coming in..........Have your voice heard and the UAMCC in the best hands......Go by and Nominate your Candidate Today!!!!

This Is Your Organization.....Be An Active Part Of It!

Guy Blackmon

New member
Here's an update of Candidates for the upcoming 2016 UAMCC BOD Election that have been nominated by our Membership. If you have a Candidate in mind please go by this thread to Nominate them.... http://www.uamcc.org/forum/showthread.php/9413-2016-UAMCC-Board-Of-Directors-Election........ ...........Nomination will end Feb. 15 2016.

Nominations Are Still Open and Contributing Members can Nominate any Candidate that is also a Contributing Member...........Nominate Your Candidate Today!!!!

President........... George Clark

Vice President.... Raymond Burke

Secretary ..........Lisa Seitz

Treasurer ......... Jeremy Jennings

At Large Seats......... Patrick Clark, Jenelle Smith, Brandon Vaughn, Tony Evans, Kristy White, Paul Schneider

Guy Blackmon

New member
2016 UAMCC BOD Nomination Committee Update……………..The Election Committee has decided that, due to the fulfillment of Nominees for the soon to be open seats of the BOD of the UAMCC we are announcing the advance closing of Nominations on Wednesday February 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] 2016 at 1 P.M EST.

The Official Election will begin at the same time. Members will be emailed a link for electronic voting and/or a link to download a printable ballot for anyone who wishes to “Snail-Mail” their ballot in. The Official Election will close Friday March 4[SUP]th[/SUP] at 5 P.M. To be counted, all mail in ballots must be postmarked by 3-4-2016. Ballots received after that postmark date will not be counted.

If Members which to Nominate a Candidate you still have time to do so, but it must be made & accepted by the above cutoff date.

This decision was made by the Nomination Committee to expedite the election in a timely manner, with the approval of the current BOD and in accordance with UAMCC Bylaws.

Thank You.

Dan Dykstra

New member
UAMCC elections are now taking place, I urge all members to not only vote, but to do some research on those looking to win your votes. I may sound harsh here but if a person can't take the time to provide us with a bio so we know more about them, how are we supposed to believe they will take the time that is needed to help grow the UAMCC.