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Aqua Fleet Solutions January 2015 Sale

Mike Woolley

UAMCC Associate Member
JANUARY 2015 Sale. All Prices are CDN. USA prices are equivalent of about 15% less. We ship both sides of border! 1-877-566-3616

1. ALL FLEET WASHING Liquid CHEMS $75/drum off. No other disc
2. LS-12 Chemical Foamers with Bottle $66.99
3. Sirocco PEV2 Vacuum System. $2499.99 including shipping!
4. Sirocco 21 inch Vacuum Surface Cleaner. $1699.99 incl shipping!
5. 4000 psi 3/8" x 100' blue non marking hose. $140 incl shipping.
6. 6000 psi 3/8" x 100' blue non marking hose. 2 wire. $160 incl
7. Legacy 5000 psi rated guns. $24.99
8. Legacy GX9536 9.5@3650psi Pump $990
9. Legacy Flow Switches. $39.99 incl shipping
10. A+ Surface Cleaner 21 inch. $479 (415usd)
11. A+ Surface Cleaner 24 inch. $539 (460 usd)
12. All Dynablast Pressure Washers are 15% off!
12. All Farley's Burner units 15% off at least! CALL
13. A+ Adjustable Thermostats. 0-248F $41.99
14. General Pump TSF2221 R Side Shaft ONLY $810 (699usd) INCLUDES FREE USA SHIPPING!!!
15. 1 ONLY BE 20 inch stainless steel surface cleaner $559 INCLUDES FREE CANADIAN SHIPPING.
16. LEGACY GM6035 5.6@3500psi Pump $450 CDN

DON'T See WHAT YOU NEED???? CALL 1-877-566-3616