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bagging downspouts


New member
So Doug have you all ever tried reusing roof mix.

I havn't tried the bucket thing but I think I will try it. My siphon tube for my roof mix has a screen on the end of it so it should filter pretty good if I tried reusing it.

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
No, never tried reusing it, really haven't needed to. I have heard some guy's do that thought. Just kinda feel like I am putting the dirt and mold and mildew back on the roof.
We do the same thing with the buckets as Doug. However when we are on larger products, we take the run off from the buckets and pour them from the peak of the roof on sections we have not cleaned yet. Kinda of like a pre-treat, then do our normal spraying over that. We only do this for large projects like townhouse or apartment buildings where run off starts to accumulate. The way we pour it, it doesn't even reach back down to the gutter edge. It's less run off we take home from the job.

I wouldn't try re-using it by running it back through the pump.

AC Lockyer

UAMCC Associate Member
Nerf Balls & Gutter Cane! Easiest way yet.

1. Place Nerf ball into gutter down spout to plug the gutter.
2. Then place Gutter Cane in gutter to massively overflow the gutter and massively dilute the chemicals.
3. Neutralize chems with Plant Wash.

Divert, Dilute and Decontaminate. The Three D's work every time.

Never plant burn, never grass damage, all chems gone from gutters.

Hope this helps,


AC Lockyer

UAMCC Associate Member
The plastic tubes are a great idea! Here are some bagging downspout pics, FWIW. This a a church we didView attachment 3346View attachment 3347View attachment 3348View attachment 3349View attachment 3348
This technique doesn't assure all chems are gone from gutter and gives a FALSE sense of security. Ive also seen pin holes in bags leave cute little squiggly lines of burnt grass from the gutter to the truck where the bags were disposed of.


Cameron Queen

New member
3. Neutralize chems with Plant Wash.
Plant Wash? Sorry to be a noob but I'm not familiar..? I tried the Search but couldn't find any hits to tell me what it is - not that I can't take a guess from the name lol, but just curious.

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Jamie Schmidt

New member
I still bag on some occasions but rarely need to. We use light applications so run off through gutters is minimal and have ground guy watering and watching run off.

Tony Evans

Board of Director
Gypsum pellets by the downspouts help if you arent fooding the roof with solution.

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