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Barn doors or Ramp door for an enclosed trailer?

Jonathan Trammell

Contributing Member
I recently ordered a 6x14ft enclosed trailer for my pressure washing unit and tank. Without giving it much thought I ordered it with a ramp door. Now I'm reconsidering that decision, thinking that barn doors may be the better choice. What do you all think?

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
I would think barn doors would be easier, UNLESS, you have something you need to roll out of the trailer, or if you have to go in and out a lot. Could be ne of those 6 of one 1/2 dozen of another

Zach Turner

New member
I am considering an enclosed trailer too. I like the idea of the doors because the ramp adds 6 or 7 feet to your foot print which is already 40-50 feet long. some track home neighborhoods are hard to park without blocking a neighbors driveway. The doors open 180 degrees and latch to the side so they are always out of the way.

Bill Carew

New member
I have ramp but it creates a lot if problems parking in the summer at the shore. If you don't need to pull your machines out I would go with barn doors.

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Michael Heward

New member
When I ordered my Carmate back in 2002, I went with barn doors and never looked back! I can leave one side or the other closed when it's a rainy day and help keep the rain out of the trailer. Some of the customers homes have short driveways, no room for a ramp door. Also provides a little privacy when needed.

Cons, getting a little older starts working the knees with going in and out.