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Bulletin ::::::: From the Office of Standards and Practices

Ron Musgraves

Past President
Staff member
Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin

From the Office of Standards and Practices, RE: contractors being fined for pesticide applications.

Attn: Board of Directions

This is our recommendation of wording for the bulletin.

It has come to the attention of this committee, that roof cleaning contractors are being reprimanded and asked to carry a pesticide license in some States. After reviewing information brought to this board by various organization volunteers, we have recommended that the UAMCC put out a bulletin to all members.

Sodium hypochlorite in concentrations above 10%, are labeled for use as pesticides along with other uses. In conjunction with this labeling along with claims being made by some roof cleaning contractors; such as killing mold, eradicating a pest, and treating infestation - some contractors may have placed themselves in the category of pesticide applicators. Long standing regulations for pesticide application encompass any company claiming to apply labeled pesticides to eradicate a pest. If your roof cleaning company makes these claims and applies sodium hypochlorite labeled for pesticide use, then in most cases you are already required to have a pesticide applicator’s license even if your state has not started enforcement or reached out to ask roof cleaning companies to fulfill this requirement.

To avoid licensing requirements, your cleaning company cannot be making claims that are regulated by the pesticide industry. We would further recommend, that companies avoid making claims that are regulated by the mold remediation industry. Some examples of these claims would be: killing pests and eradicating mold. Furthermore, it may be prudent in your area to avoid using sodium hypochlorite that is labeled for pesticide use. These are concentrations usually over 10% and are not necessarily considered ideal among contractors in the industry. If you are selling sodium hypochlorite at your location, you need to make sure you have the proper licensing to sell this as there is a material handlers license required to sell this chemical in its higher concentration forms.

Bill Booz, Chairman