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Charlotte Wash Water Seminar

Roger Gothorp

New member
We're about halfway through the Charlotte seminar and the education being provided to the contractors attending (probably about 50) is amazing. This is an excellent start to the dialogue that will carve the enforcement that is implemented in our areas. Robert & Carlos have done a good job communicating with CMSWM. There is still a long road ahead, but thus far, this has been very enlightening.

Roger Gothorp

New member
Quick recap of this meeting (IMO). It went off beautifully - the room was filled with many faces...a large number of unfamiliars which was a great opportunity for the UAMCC (and PWNC, PWNA) to be "introduced" or mentioned to real companies.

The presenters from the entities were very informed and provided great insight into WHY things are happening. Clearly we have all been aware of the CWA and compliance for years but these folks really explained and illustrated WHY certain measures must be taken - it wasn't just a "because we said so". I took a lot from this seminar and am looking very forward to attending the next one in a couple of weeks.

I think that our industry also showed a great deal of understanding, and desire to be in compliance and do what is necessary to not only perform our jobs to the best of our ability but to also conserve and protect our environment and natural resources. Personally, I believe I saw a heightened respect for our industry from the city and county officials that were present.

What a great day for the industry, the UAMCC, the PWNC, the PWNA and the environment!

Thanks go to Carlos, Robert, Michael for their efforts since January, their presence at the meeting, their support for ALL organizations and networks that are involved in pressure washing. And if the other folks that presented today are lurking to get feedback - thanks to you all today for an eye opening seminar!

Job well done all :Smiley-2121:

Guy Blackmon

New member
I will second what Celeste said! I think they thought that there were going to be some upset people in the room. But what the "Powers That Be" found is that they were addressing, Professional, Educated Contractors


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Jeff LeCours

New member
This was something I really wish we could have attended.
Sounds like everything is going better than anticipated!


There was a great group up there. I sat and listened and I learned quite a bit and I am glad I went

I knew it would go well. I have seen and heard what the UAMCC with Carlos, Robert and MiKe K have been working on for months now. Things were thought out, worked out for the benefit of the contractors and yes the environment, these three men hammered some stuff out these past months. Good job men, go job uamcc. I have to give credit to the City & County, very open and knowledgable group. Great group of contractors present too. For a first meeting, it went REAL well
The Power Point Presentations and Literature handed out are at

ftp://ftp1.co.mecklenburg.nc.us/WaterQuality/Management of Wash Water Runoff/

Probably worth your time to review the information. My presentation is No.2 on the list "BMPs for containment and Disposal".

Not on the slides is the fact that residential house washing waste water can be collected and discharged for bioremediation on the lawn. Be sure and collect it before it leaves the property and make sure it all soaks into the ground with no runoff without ground water contamination. Ground water contamination can be a problem if the house is by a body of water.

The information could also be used to forward to your local regulator as being Resonable, Rational, and Logical.
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Carlos Gonzales

New member
I am still fighting off the jet lag but wanted to say that the show of support by the contractor community at this meeting was strong and united.

I spoke with the City today and they wished to offer their sincerest appreciation for the level of professionalism, knowledge and understanding that was displayed by they pressure washing industry in Charlotte.

As I mentioned in Charlotte and will do so here, the BMP's aren't perfect BUT they are a heck of a lot better today from what the UAMCC saw back in January. All that attended the meeting should take credit for a job well done. Also, this meeting was not about the UAMCC...its about the industry. Networks and other ogranizations were there (PWNC & CETA) and we thank them for their presence and input. Unity is what needs to happen with future meetings in Charlotte and we look forward to working with whoever...as long as it benefits the contractor. Sherry from CETA and Celeste from PWNC...thank you both for being there and offering your insight and creating the necessary "balance" for all us!!!!

As we move forward we as an industry will continue to monitor and provide feedback to the city and county.

I would like to thank all contractors that came from both North and South Carlolina to address this sensitive subject. We as an industry are in a very unique position in which efforts such as the one that went into Charlotte will continue to happen across the U.S. Careful planning and being open to ideas and suggestions will help other municipalities agree to allowing the pressure washing industry a part in what is considered good and bad.

The questions were good and the answers were even better. I think we all felt that the City and County did spend quality time in considering our request. We thank them for that. Though the UAMCC did not received everything we wanted this go around it is a start and for all sense and purposes I felt it was a solid beginning.

Thanks again to everyone that had a hand in this....

Time for me to sleep...:sleepey::sleepey::sleepey:

Roger Gothorp

New member
We are certainly going to continue to pursue these dialogues here in the Carolinas.....several of us are planning to attend the next time it is presented again. Hopefully questions coming from that group of invitees will yield even more insight into what we all need to be looking at.

One other thing that I am so relieved to see happening in the wake of this is more of the "lines" that seemed to be appearing within the industry are being erased or at least blurred. The cohesive effort felt really good.
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