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Contest #2 - How many you think?

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Hey BBS members...contest #2 will be right here on the UAMCC BBS. Contest #1 as you know is over on the UAMCC FaceBook page which we have a pretty cool thing going on ~ UAMCC FaceBook Best Logo Contest. Just as a FYI, there have been approximately 27 logo submissions and you have until tomorrow morning at 8:00 EST to submit your logo. You still have time to enter the contest at UAMCC FaceBook. After that please cast your vote for the Best Looking Logo.

Anyway, CONTEST #2

It is pretty simple and straight forward. Since the UAMCC opened it's doors back in April you all have received at one time or another an email from the UAMCC about the Assoc.'s RFP's as a UAMCC Member.

The question or challenge is how many RFP's has the UAMCC sent out since April 1st through November 4th? 30...10....25?? Whats your Guess?

Those that guess and is the closest to the answer wins. In the event of a tie...each person in the tie will win the same PRIZE.

I will be emailing Mark M from Easy Clean Systems and also Chuck from Cleaner Times with the answer to this contest so they will know the answer to the contest before the contest ends!!

This contest will end November 17th. This is OPEN TO ALL BBS MEMBERS here at UAMCC.

So what do you win??? Ahhh...this will be a "Secret Prize" and will be worth the effort and time.

One entry per BBS User Name. You are not permitted to Edit your post once you submit you guess! If you Edit...you are disqualified.

So, without further delay :rolleyes: this contest is officially open!

How many you think?