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Director's Reports


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This is where all the Director's reports from here on out will be posted from. Please do not comment on this thread as it is only used for the director's reports. Thank you.


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Hello UAMCC Members,

Keep up with what the UAMCC is currently working on with these director’s reports. 2017 is almost finished, but we still plan on finishing a few projects before the new year. Some of the projects mentioned in this report are a work in progress and might be changed in the future. We are still going to talk about these because we feel they are important projects the membership would like to know we are working on. In this report we will talk about the new Sunbelt page, 2018 regional events, and the uamcc.org website.

Sunbelt Rentals offers a discount to UAMCC Members simply for being a UAMCC member. We are currently working with sunbelt on getting a page setup explaining the discount in detail including which regional manager you will need to contact in order to expedite the process and get your discount. You will have to open up an account with sunbelt in order to have an account that they can apply the discount too. The discount is 10% a day, 12% a week, and 15% for a 4-week rental. So make sure you are keeping an eye out for this page to come live.

The 2018 regional events are already being planned! Right now we are planning a Las Vegas Environmental and Safety show to take place the end of January. We cannot give specific dates on Vegas just yet because we are still working with the hotel on the contract. In February, Doug Rucker along with Everett Abrams will be doing 3 separate events, including wood fest and basic training. In March we are planning 3 educational events: Mike Howard in Savannah, Georgia during the first week of March, somewhere in the northeast the second week of March, and then to finish off March strong we have Seal N Lock hosting their annual training event in Florida. Look for all of these events to be posted on UAMCCEvents.com in the coming weeks.
The UAMCC Website is currently being updated; Changing the colors, building new pages, and even bringing the events over to have it all on the same site. We will also be changing up the directory to make it more user-friendly. The website is a top priority on our list and we are going to try to finish the majority of the updating before the new year.

These are some of the projects the UAMCC is currently working on so we can start off 2018 with a bang. If you feel that you can make a difference or would like to help the UAMCC with other projects, we encourage you to join a committee and get involved. If you don’t know where to start you can always ask one of our Board of Directors and they will set you on the right path. Committees have helped tremendously and are a main reason why the UAMCC is what it is today.


Alex Hennessey
Director at UAMCC