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een a while

Jeff LeCours

New member
Hi everyone!!!!! Just want to say HI and to tell you all why I haven't been here in a while

I havent been on the UAMCC BB or even looked in but once or twice in many, many months. I would like to tell you why first. I support you all in your efforts to keep the UAMCC up and running, I also give each and everyone of you credit for being on the BOD I know it can be a PITA, family, biz and life in general is enough and then to be on a Org BOD after the past problems, well like I said I give you credit

Why did I stop coming to the UAMCC BB, its because I felt I wasnt helping and for the most part criticizing much of what I saw or didnt see happening. I thought it was time for me to shut the he*l up and get off the BB. I was asking "where's Scott " "Where's the UAMCC" "Why arent you all doing something" and on and on. I have to apologize not because my questions were necessarily wrong, but because and some where wrong too but because I was criticizing EVERYTHING instead of being more constructive. Hell I love Scott Millen, he's just a great guy, I pushed and pushed hard for him to be the President before and during the UAMCC convention and here I am saying "where's Scott". I knew Scott was busy with his wife, baby, biz & life and I also knew he may not have enough time all the time for the UAMCC, so who am I to then say "Where's Scott"
To you Scotty I apologize, I am happy you arent the President, not for any other reason than for you. Help where you can but family, biz & health are your priorities and they always should be and I am happy you don't have to spend the time dealing with President stuff. I voted and pushed for Scott for a few reasons most of all was because Scott is a very smart man, , he had some many real life experiences to help him as UAMCC Prez. He's a guy I would want to stand next to in a fight (well actually behind him so he could protect my ass LOL). I did not see back then anyone othe Than Mike T that I would want at the helm of the UAMCC. So Scotty once again sorry I was asking where you were and for you to step down. Love ya bro

To the rest of you from the beginning of the new BOD back in Jan 2009 to present. I still wonder if its all worth it, should the UAMCC remain open and I made that clear many times since my term on the Tran Team. I did that here many times and that is the ONLY reason I stopped coming here, because I knew some of you cared about the undertaking you stepped up to do and i didnt want to be on the UAMCC BB trashing or looking like I am trashing the UAMCC or any of YOU.

I know many of you put a lot or even a little into being on the BOD. I know some do much and some dont do a whole lot and I who was I to do nothing but complain???? So I left, no great loss, no biggie, who am I, just another internet mouth.

So I just want to say, when I was saying close down the UAMCC its not worth it, in the back of my head I was hoping you all would be the base, the beginning of an Org that someday would make a majority of our industry proud. You know I worked pretty hard as a Tran Team member and even with that hard work, the UAMCC went backwards and some of it was because of things I did or was involved in or because I didnt work hard enough or I wasn't smart enough to see the obvious.

This isnt about me, I am posting here because I came to look at the BMP poll and I thought I should say Sorry. Not for any other reason but because at least you guys are trying. Mike T, I give you credit man, you hung in there, John O and others I don't always agree with your views but he*l you are doing the best you can.

I'm not sure if any Org UAMCC or PWNA is right at this point but I am just one contractor. If you guys think its worth it, I trust you guys. Now the PWNA, thats another thing, I have to say I am not real trusting of them. You all are contractors and I believe you are Contractors for Contractors and thats a good thing

So I just wanted to say HI and if I start whining to much, just call me and tell me to shut the F up LOL

As my son says "Peace Out"

Russ Spence

New member
Good post Jeff!

Jeff we need your help and insight man, stick around, throw a fit, agree, disagree but please please be a voice! I respect everything you do all the way down to your xjet!

John Tornabene

New member
Hey Jeff we'll welcome back. Stick around and add input because u have alot to say. As for the past..Hey it should have worked because we were right there....Maybe next time. As for Scott Millen He was and always will be a heck of a guy but he took on way to much to run for the presidency here which Is why I didn't vote for him because its just to darn time consuming and he had more important things to take care of then.
The good news and I am honored to do this, Scott Millen has responded and thankful that his hard work was not forgotten so accepted to be honored with a Babe Ruth Plaque. HE was not forgotten about all the good he did do and same goes for yourself, David Vicars, John Orr,Mike T., Ken Fenner and Carlos Gonzalez. Some or them were controversial and some made mistakes..I know I did... but the bottom line to me was that they all in there cared and they gave a darn. So all is not lost and it wasn't forgotten...and it was great at that fleeting moment when all cylinders where working. That's why today I still think the UAMCC can still do make it where they do count for there membership and also the industry at large