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Environmental Compliance for less than $1.50 per job. Do you want it?

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
A new form of filtration for use by contractors was unveiled at the Jerry's event in San Diego.

It is a filter that uses no electricity.

No Gas,

No Power,

And it lasts up to 50 or more jobs depending on the conditions.

And it is recyclable.

In many jurisdictions it will fulfill all requirements for plaza cleaning and possibly more.

If you could have this technology for less than $1.50 per cleaning would you use it?

What it I told you that for a limited time UAMCC members only could have it for less than 50 cents per job?

This is a special for UAMCC Members only and stock is limited for this special.

Here is a video of the technology that you will be using, except it will be in a form that you can use on a daily basis for pennies:


Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
Did you miss your opportunity at San Diego Kristopher.

Most of the guys thought the gutter critter was just a bag of rocks.

I guess we didn't explain the rocks were in there just to keep it from floating away.

Smart Sponge is what is inside the gutter critter that makes it work.

Ken Beckstead - The newest UAMCC Associate member - With his Gutter Critter. These work great for both commercial and residential gravity filtration.

Other shapes are available for commercial use also.

Ken brought around 70-80 of them to the show. There are 35-40 left.

Till these Run out - UAMCC Members $24.95 + 12.95 (3day shipping) for one

or 49.90 + $17.95 (3day shipping) for 2.

Lasts About 40-50 jobs depending on what you are cleaning.


Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
I like what Ken said about his gravity filter. He doesn't know much about the pressure washing industry, his is a construction background. But he showed that he is a quick learner when he said this:

"The Gutter Critter is perfect filtration for the guys who can't afford Jerry's full blown system, to use to make enough money so they can."

Simple and to the point.

Jason Reider

New member
I'm interested Tony. Where can we find out more information, like the different shapes available, dimensions and where to order?

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
He only has one shape on hand. He has lots of other shapes he can use.

We need to get together and decide what shapes would be best for commercial use.

Ron suggested a Dolphin shape that is a little thinner and more curved. I like that idea.

Once we decide he will make them.

Meanwhile you guys can order the stock that is left from Jerry. He has them ready to ship.

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
Here we were letting pretty clean water run through a couple of them to see how much water could go through without slowing down and pooling up.

It ran through fine at 15gpm

Don't pay any attention to the dirty stuff on either side. We didn't was off the back side area before. We were just testing flow rates.

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I can't remember, but did he ever say how much oil the smart sponge in his gutter critter can hold? and how much is in each fish he makes?

I'm definitely sold on the smart sponge, but I wonder if it would be better used with in a boom or sock where it's solid not broken up like in the picture where the fish is opened up.

I do think that if someone is doing driveways this is a great product. With rain gutters it could be used as an additional filter, but I would still need to use the filters I have in place now.

Perhaps some of these recycle/reuse systems will integrate smart sponge in their system to fit the contractors needs.

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
That is the way the product comes, even in the municipal stormwater treatment. It is a sponge. It soaks things up as they pass through.

At least you didn't think it was a bag of rocks like some guys did. Lol!

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Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
I am sold on it. I have been testing them for six months with 6gpm.

They have handles so you can hang them up too.

I think the dolphin shape would be good for round drains.

I also will be having Chris use them as his final filter on a garage cleaning next month. We bought 7. Doug and Ron bought five and most of the guys in San Diego bought 2 or more.

I don't think the rocks do much more than give it weight.

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