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Environmental Law for Pressure Washers - The Clean Water Act - What the heck is it?

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
Sorry I don't have more info on this aspect. I will try to compile some info within the next month or two and we will eventually have brochures and possibly videos to help in these situations.

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Gene Beck

New member
there are two kinds of people pushing for stricter regs. misguided environmentalist and greedy people who are looking to line their pockets through fines or expensive and redundant equipment. very rarely do you run into someone with altruistic motives. (and EVERYO NE thinks they are the later) responsible BMPs, knowlege of what your cleaning and simple common sense is the solution for our industry.

Aidan Houde

New member
Well said Tony!

I truly appreciate your time and effort. Anyone can effortlessly know the real truth that you want to share with your audience. Keep share such a nice information with us in future also. :)

Aidan Houde

New member
Thanks for showing the real truth of clean water act. As we know that the Pressure washing remains one of the best ways for cleaning.
The Clean Water Act says only clean water can go into sewers or storm drains. So, It is very much important for pressure washing services to have Eco-friendly and also be environmentally