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euipment degreasing pics

Trevor Steel

New member



Before and afters

Bryan Otten

New member

Nice Job! I'm thinking in getting into cleaning heavy equipment. I was wondering what is the going price on cleaning them per unit. Any information would be helpful. You have the time to call me would be great. 1-386-756-0630

Jim Cooney

New member
Re: equipment degreasing pics

I started my pressure washing business about 5 years ago. It was a perfect fit since I owned my own backhoe and truck and knew dozens of other owner/operators and fleet owners. Made a lot of money back then, but now that the construction "boom" has dissipated, not much of a demand anymore. I'm sure the industry will rebound eventually.









Here's some pictures of my backhoe, 3000 hours and 2 1/2 years old and still like brand new. Sold her and my 1999 Peterbilt almost 2 years ago.





Jim Cooney

New member
Hey that was a great looking rig! good work too!

I could give you basic pricing information, but not sure how it will compare to your area and market.

There are 3 levels of "clean" when doing heavy equipment. Some just want a cheap hosing, others want degreased, tracks and undercarriage. Then the top shelf cleaning is made for auction ready, which is a complete detail.

Feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call tomorrow, I'm more than willing to help a fellow PW'er.

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Thanks for sharing the pics Trevor and James.

Man...I love those CATS. I ran a D5 one summer on a retaining wall job....man I loved that thing especially the "rippers"!!

Sweet looking pics guys.

Trevor Steel

New member
Pricing is a little diff. in this field of our industry because it is not tapped yet. We have broken it down to time and difficulty, and of course EPA requirements which are heavy just like the equipment. I should be in bed! I will call tomorrow!

Lonnie Greenwood

New member
we clean alot of equipment here but they are detailed i have been cleaning heavy equipment for about 5 years do you guys offer to clean the inside cab foor them thatis a upsale on them call me bryan if you have questions[/ATTACH] [/ATTACH]:clap::clap::clap::clap:


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Jim Cooney

New member
I offer complete details and window tinting. I found in my 30+ years operating heavy equipment that 99% of window tinters won't touch heavy equipment. Reason being dirt and dust are the #1 enemy when window tinting. Pays very well. For a CAT 420D backhoe I charge $475 if in brand new condition, $675 if it needs a complete detail before the tinting. For the new CAT 420E models, I get $1800 brand new, $2000 if it's been in the field for even a day. The E models have 8 windows with complex contours which require the film to be heat shrunk to contour to the glass. Very time consuming and tedious work. Even after a dozen under my belt, it still take 10+ hours to complete a E model.