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F9 BARC and F9 TEAM Update.. Get your spot NOW

Craig Harrison

UAMCC Associate Member
We have spots left, guys.. get in on the best, hottest money making program in the niche business of F9 Professional Rust Removal!

Here's a few things to think about, starting with the actual product itself, how it works and what it does. I guarantee you F9 is the best rust remover you will ever use. It is also a safer product than most of the rust removers on the market.

This is a product we designed over many many years to work in extreme temps (40 to 120F), improve overall color balance in concrete, be used on almost every surface and be able to remove the toughest of tough, from fertilizer rust stains (iron hydroxide) to the orange flash acid burns of automobile batteries (sulfuric burn) and hydrochloric acid burn (both look alike).

It is the blend of F9 that makes it so unique and also the proprietary things our chemist adds to break down rust, oxidation and other compounds and make them virtually disappear into thin air. Moving on to other reasons: We have developed the F9 TEAM into a niche group, kind of like a Sports Team that gets free leads, first page SEO for rust related internet searches etc. Last year, the F9 TEAM made over $300,000 from our website turning potential residential buyers into customers... then these customers found an applicator through our F9 Locator. This year we are on track to double that. I just helped an Applicator nail down an airport with 280,000' of battery stains from a lead that came through our website. The product will also improve the overall COF (Coefficient of Friction) as well as remove the battery stains. He bid this at .38/ft. Now THAT is pulling down a paycheck. We are working on another right now, waiting for contract signatures on 180,000' and several others around 150,000, plus 3 sports stadiums, city sidewalks and a naval station.

The F9 TEAM is no joke. The guys who are aboard are quickly realizing the potential of this. I don't post a lot about the jobs we are getting mainly because the F9 Applicators getting them don't want a flood of guys in their area. Neither do I. I want the guys who see the opportunity, who are trainable, who are hungry and who are grateful for being involved with this. I built my business the last 16 years based on a few niche things, F9 BARC being one of them. We have some really cool things planned and our program is working very well. We do not sell to homeowners, and once the F9 TEAM has sufficient coverage throughout the US, NO MORE guys will be able to come in. Some areas are already locked out. This is a FREE, first come, first serve program as long as you fit, take the leads as they come in and do a good job.

If you are currently on the F9 TEAM and do not have your website crosslinks in place or have your rust removal page up, you are at risk of losing your spot. Either contact me or I will contact you to see what you want to do.

For new guys looking to join, please take a look at our F9 Locator to see who is around you. Call me if you're not sure if there is room for you.

If you own your business, have proper insurance, have a website, proper equipment and are able to take FREE Leads you qualify. We have free training on our website and I am also available for texts, emails and calls. I do on-the-spot stain diagnosis for F9 TEAM members and help you through your restoration and pressure washing jobs.

How to Join

You may purchase your case of F9 BARC from any of our F9 AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS. Send in your proof of case purchase along with your website listing agreement FOUND HERE.

Text me or PM me through our my FACEBOOK PAGE with questions.

Craig Harrison

UAMCC Associate Member
Update on F9 TEAM. In 2016 we produced approximately 1.6 Million Dollars in FREE leads through our Website. It feels great to be helping so many companies make money and put food on their tables. We have added another product, F9 Efflorescence and Calcium Remover which can take care of almost everything that F9 BARC cannot.. as far as non-organic metallic stains go.

We also have hands-on Pressure Washing Education classes, which are advanced restoration classes. These classes are not taught anywhere else in the World and you will be able to clean better than anyone in your area... guaranteed.