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Free certification?

Bill Booz

UAMCC Board of Directors
Red, are you a donating member? The first cert for members that paid membership in 2012 is free. If your not than some areas of this forum are blocked. If you are and are still locked out email info@uamcc.org to fix it

Ron Musgraves

Past President
Yes , we would have to extend the testing if you qualified till jan.

Bill can we test still in dec?

Text me anytime for question 480-522-5227

Nichole Anglin

Yes, you still have time to become a donating member in 2012 and qualify for the free certification. Please send me your contact info to info@uamcc.org and when is a good time to contact you. I will be make a few calls Monday morning. If I can't catch you then I will be available again Wednesday. :)

Nichole Anglin :)
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Bill Booz

UAMCC Board of Directors
Yes and Yes. We will be extending the first cert you receive for free program into 2013. March will most likely be the last month to get a free cert.