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FREE Hose REELsssssssssss GIVE-away for Membership Drive

Ron Musgraves

Past President
These Will be given away at the town Hall meeting in Feb

Rules to Enter:

Please Post here for a Chance to win

If you are a brand new member please say here and you get 2 chances.

If you already a Member and you referred someone Post here who they are and receive 5 chances.

Pretty simple, oh if your new and then refer you still only can get five chances is the max.

Rules subject to Change

Please understand that we will post the reels, they will be a choice of Titan or I forgot the other brand. Opps

Please do not Forget to thank Bill & Paul at the www.powerwashstore.com

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Derrel Copeland

New member
Just wanted to say thanks to Paul and Bill. My Whisper Wash works great and I got an awesome deal to boot.
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Brad Clonan

New member
You mentioned the give away yesterday at the town hall, I want to thank Bill & Paul over at the powerwash store and am excited to try out some F9 this year (soon) please throw my name in there our old hose reel grew legs and walked away one night! Thanks. On a side note Everybody should join the town halls , just throw your phone on speaker and atleast listen in I guarantee you will pick up some helpful information, I did.

David Styles

Thanks Paul and Bill for everything you do! I love my Steel Eagle surface cleaner you sold me in 2012 along with a ton of supplies, all with great service. I have never owned a hose reel and would love to start (only have one for inlet garden hose).

Shane Mckinney

New member
Thanks Bill and Paul for being quick and knowledgeable about your products.Once again thanks for the info and advice on my resent purchase of that Steel Eagle. Loving it thanks!!!!!!!!

Keenan Gilligan

New member
Bill and Paul provide exceptional service. Even though there is a distributor here about 5 miles from my location I call Bill and Paul for their products, knowledge, and customer service.

James Jauregui

New member
Just wanted to say thanks to all that have helped me in some new projects and i enjoy this site. Thanks oh yeah let me know when yoou need my address for my prize. Thanks

Tony Evans

Board of Director
Thanks for giving back to the industry Paul and Bill.
Oh and Ron, I'm sure Nick will join the UAMCC so I can get more chances to win a hose reel. :tongue: