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Glad to be here

Barry M

New member

Barry Maddox with Midwest Pro Wash, it's good to see you all. I look forward to some in depth discussions in our efforts to keep the pressure washing industry moving forward.


Carlos Gonzales

New member
Barry - Thanks for coming over. You don't need much introduction as I am sure you can see some familiar faces.

There are a couple of newbies here that just dived in the industry so for their benefit I am going to talk shop about you Barry to them....:D

Barry brings not only a wealth of knoweldge to this board but I consider him to be one of the many veterans in the industry. Always willing to lend a hand to anyone that asks for it. He strikes me as an individual that is very serious about his business but also can share a laugh or two. Over the years he has earned the respect of many and trust he will share his experiences here at UAMCC for the betterment of the industry!!

Barry .... I welcome you and thank you again for coming over!!

Scott Millen

New member
I don't know how I missed you coming over Barry, but I'm glad you are here.

For those that don't know, Barry is great at finding and asking the right questions, and again at sifting through the various answers to find unified truths in them. A rare talent these days, and one needed everywhere.

I'm glad to see you here Baarry, we need your input!