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Russ Spence

New member
Ours is to add on a new service, I am not open to discussion on that at this point as we are working on a few things before making a decision but this is a huge step for us and I am very excited about the possibilities.

Rob Huffman

New member
We are in the same boat. We have contemplated some things for the last several years and I just said we are going to start 2011 off with it...

John Tornabene

New member
My one goal is to have more money in my safe....errrr bank. Seriously the Goal is to get those big commercials job where they take weeks to do. I find them to be the most lucrative by far.

David Vicars

New member
I want to get from behind wand. Not 100%, because I like washing. Maybe wash about 30%.

With my accident and David washing, I learn alot things I need to do to train someone. David wasn't trained properly. The main reason was, we didn't see it coming.

I have a guy that has helped me on and off for three years. He's David's best friend and I have known him since he was 6. I was a second father to him growing up and I trust him very much.

By doing this I can grow my company, because as you all know, wearing every hat is very hard to do.

Paul Kassander

UAMCC Associate Member
Be more aggressive in my sales, I became complacent (lazy) over the past few years and my business suffered. I would like to get back to the levels I was operating at when I had the truck wash building and my mobile fleet on the road.

Don M.

New member
We broke the 6 figure mark for the first time this year. I'd like a increase in sales 56% for 2011.

We are adding a new service this year as well. Lord willing, we will be able to rent the nice shop I've been looking at.

WATCH PAYROLL!!! It was nuts this year. Can I just clone me?

James VanHandle

Our goal is to find a new (larger) shop and office for our staff. Another is to add on an additional service to our company and like you Russ dont have it nailed down yet.