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Government involvement Poll

If you are a professional it is perfectly acceptable to lobby the local/state/federal government and

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Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
Frankly I'm shocked at the lack of morals shown by the vote. Of course I will have to accept that the majority had accepted this kind of corrupt behavior as "the way it's done in America".

But I will never participate in it.

Print it, save it, you can hold on to it till we are all dead but you will never be able to throw this thread back in my face and show that I participated in anything of this sort. Regardless of how "accepted" it is, it's dirty business and elevates cleverness above quality work. (Remember, "the serpant" was more clever than all the other animals.) Clever doesn't make right.

I'll give you an example. We get calls all the time from companies wanting to "purify the air" using our filters. I immediately tell them that our filters nor any other HVAC filters CANNOT purify your air under any cirumstances. HVAC units don't have the air turnover to do that. I can't tell you how many thousands I've lost to scumbag companies who will lie to the customer and tell them what they want to hear. I've done the testing myself. Air purification is IMPOSSIBLE via the HVAC system and I WILL NOT market that way even though that is the ACCEPTABLE way to do it. We can make air somewhat cleaner, but that's it.

There are air filter companies who have gone to school board meetings and convinced the school that due to HEALTH concerns they MUST go from MERV 6 to MERV 8 filters because they happen to install MERV 8's and have the ability to scare the district with lies. They fail to inform the board that a 1/4 inch gap between two Merv 8 filters or at the end of a filter rack turns that filter into a MERV 4. (almost ALL units have 10mm or more gaps!)

We might lose some money. So what. I sleep good at night. The money we make isn't dirty money. God takes care of all our needs. I just don't understand how this country got to where it is today.

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
On the other hand, I fail to see anything morally wrong with paying referral fees. I understand that a "kickback" would be if I paid a sum of money to someone in the government or a business who was in a decision making capacity, but I don't see anything wrong with offering percentage spiffs for leads or closed deals. Maybe someone can help me understand where that is morally wrong.

John Orr

UAMCC Treasurer
If you are a professional it is perfectly acceptable to lobby the local/state/federal government and...

Tony, I think if we could see the rest of the poll question, the vote might be different. As it is, I don't have a problem with it. Obviously, the intent of the question is different. Could you post the rest of the poll question?

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
The government has no business making rules that favor one company over another...period.

We have no business using the government in that manner.

IF I or any other contractor does something that causes actual measurable HARM to the environment I should be held liable. But if what we are doing causes no harm, the government has no place in restricting how we do it.

Scott Stone

New member
Regrettably, I answered before I read your post. I understand lobbying, and I understand how it can either benefit or hurt a contractor. I doubt that there is anyone on this board, or any other board that has had to lobby as much as I have, but I could be mistaken. Sometimes, it appears that others are so able to manipulate the system that lobbying is your only defense to get your story out there. Sadly, it is all part of how government, on any level works. I am just grateful for the good honest people that want a miserable thankless job that make it all work, and believe me, there are a very few.

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
Older Thread

It's still wrong and a slimy way for a mediocre contractor to gain a foothold.

To this day I do not regret refusing to participate in a bid that was written for certain federal facilities that would disqualify every other air filter company but mine.

By not taking that I calculate we lost out on at least 4 million by now.

I would have bid on it but not under those circumstances.

I prefer to earn business, not steal it.

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Bruce Sullivan

Contributing Member
Interesting topic. Those great Government regulations. LOL Now that scares me. I noticed the topic of cleaning solutions was touch upon. The eco-friendly. Great buzz word and marketing approach. Now I am not saying it isn't a good thing. Just when I watch what the farmers are spraying on the fields here in, just Iowa, not counting the rest of the country I cannot see much eco-friendly going on and farming is Government regulated. Just look at what went on with the farm Bill in Congress. I won't go into all the industry that fills out water and air everyday. That is Government regulated also right? I was a boat captain in the north Atlantic for many years and you wouldn't believe what is floating out in the oceans.

Okay, I am off topic, but Government regulations only tend to work when they want them to in my opinion. Now if someone wants to spend the money and time to get a regulation in place, well, good luck. I have a hard enough time getting a permit to add onto my garage from the city. LOL

Strictly from a business point of view. If it should open a door for me to further my business I'll walk though it. Nothing personal, just business. Welcome to free enterprise!