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Hard Water Stains???

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors

Doug Rucker
Clean and Green Solutions
Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning School
Call or Text 281.883.8470

Chris Dubbs

Check with Craig Harrison, he was getting close to having his new product ready around now.

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Tony Evans

Board of Director
Mirrored glass is an area to be careful with. Before I go recommending any product I need a few answers - What stain removers do you have right now? How soon do you need this done? Do you have any idea how long they have been this way?


Contributing Member
Diamond magic has worked wonders for me for removing hard water stains on regular glass.
I have not used it on mirrored glass though. It does have a gritty feel to it.

Curious to what tony would recommend.

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Juan Juarez

New member
I haven't tried this specific product personally, but their other products work wonder. They mainly deal with car detailing supplies, but I'm sure you can get in touch with a dealer and he may be better informed on how this product would react to mirrored glass.

classified under water spot remover
http://www.automagic.com/solvents.htm (scroll down to bottom of page)

also j. racenstein had a product at the show in Houston the cleaned up glass, but I was only able to get a little bit of information on it.

Jeff Smith

New member
Goodluck on this job Doug, I'm sure you will make those windows look like new and won't be able to keep this customer from ringing your phone off the hook with new work.